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  • Gin The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival
    Gin The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival
    ISBN: 9781910254097
    Publication date: 23/09/2015

    Author: KNOLL, AARON
    Price: $49.99
  • Gin the Mood
    Gin the Mood
    ISBN: 9781912983025
    Publication date: 01/10/2019

    With 50 gin-based cocktail recipes - from classics to contemporary twists - this is a must-have for anyone Gin the Mood for a good time.

    Ah gin, how we love you. Lifter of spirits, enhancer of vibes, reliever of stress and instigator of stimulating conversations; where would we be without your reassuringly delicious qualities? And the best thing about gin? There's never not a good time to enjoy a gin cocktail, whether it's a restorative Corpse Reviver to shake off the hangover, a perfectly mixed G&T to sip at a leisurely lunch, a pre-prandial Negroni to whet the appetite, or a bone-dry Martini to enjoy as a night-cap. Gin the Mood showcases some of the most superlative examples-it's a celebration of the gin cocktail in its myriad forms. From the aforementioned classics to cutting-edge concoctions like the elderflower-infused Space Gin Smash, the 50 examples proffered here are must-tries for any self-respecting ginthusiast. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us drink gin.

    Pages: 64
    Dimension: 186mm X 123mm
    Author: DOG 'N' BONE BOOKS
    Price: $19.99
  • Glamorous Cocktails
    Glamorous Cocktails
    ISBN: 9781782496465
    Publication date: 01/11/2018

    oin William Yeoward on his journey through London’s most stunning bars as he shares his passion for exquisite drinks and glamorous living in this, his compendium of iconic and signature recipes by some of the world’s most acclaimed bartenders.

    Join William Yeoward on his journey through London’s most stunning bars as he shares his passion for exquisite drinks and glamorous living in this, his compendium of iconic and signature recipes by some of the world’s most acclaimed bartenders.

    In Glamorous Cocktails, William visits five of his favourite bars and chooses their trademark cocktails, including genius tips from their world-class bartenders. William also shares his own thoughts on making cocktails and, importantly, how to present them. As someone who is not only passionate about cocktails but also about crystal, he has the perfect knowledge and “eye” to advise and inspire. As William says, ‘Cocktails come in such a huge variety that there’s something for everyone and for every possible occasion – a birthday celebration, an anniversary, a first date, the closure of a deal or a surreptitious flirt.’ These cocktails cover a wide range – some are short, others are long, and a few contain no alcohol, but two things are common to all: they are delicious – and extremely glamorous.

    Pages: 160
    Dimension: 210mm X 170mm
    Price: $19.99
  • Go Ahead Make My Drink
    Go Ahead Make My Drink
    ISBN: 9781608878598
    Publication date: 01/10/2016

    Celebrate your favorite movies and television shows with this stylish and fun cocktail guide featuring delicious recipes and adorable illustrations.
    From the Cosmopolitans on "Sex and the City" and the absinthe in "Moulin Rouge" to the Big Lebowski s White Russians and James Bond s martinis, this is the ultimate guide to the most famous cocktails in pop culture. Concocted by San Francisco bartender and cocktail expert Anthony Marinese, this manual contains beverages specially invented as tributes to notable television series and cult films. Prepare delicious concoctions inspired by "Game of Thrones," "Rocky Horror Picture Show," the "Walking Dead," "Back to the Future," and many more! Complete with colorfully whimsical illustrations, this is the ultimate complement to your next TV binge or movie screening party."

    Pages: 144
    Dimension: 203mm X 178mm
    Price: $29.99
  • Gone with the Gin Cocktails with a Hollywood Twist
    Gone with the Gin Cocktails with a Hollywood Twist
    ISBN: 9780762458608
    Publication date: 01/11/2015

    Heres drinking with you, kidWe know your type. You love the smell of napalm in the morning, you see dead people, and youre the king (or queen!) of the world. Youve basically logged more hours at the local megaplex than the projectionistand you deserve a drink!A perfect gift for film buffs and a terrific twist on movie nights, Gone with the Gin is the ultimate cocktail book for die-hard silver screen aficionados who prefer to be shaken, not stirred. Included within are 50 delicious drinkspaired with winking commentary on historys most quotable filmsplus an all-star lineup of drinking games, movie-themed munchies, and illustrations throughout.So go ahead, make my drink. Even if you dont know every line from every movie, tonight youre gonna drink like you do.Coming attractions include: A Sidecar Named Desire, Whiskey Business, No Country for Old Fashioneds, Taxi Screw-Driver, Bonnie and Mudslide, A Clockwork Orange Julius, and more!

    Pages: 152
    Dimension: 178mm X 127mm
    Author: FEDERLE, TIM
    Price: $24.99
  • Good Things to Drink with Mr Lyan and Friends
    Good Things to Drink with Mr Lyan and Friends
    ISBN: 9780711236714
    Publication date: 01/10/2015

    Publication Date: October 2015
    Cocktails aren't just for fancy nights out and snobby home mixologists. In Good Things to Drink with Mr Lyan and Friends, Mr Lyan (the man behind the award-winning White Lyan and Dandelyan bars in London) shows you how 60 innovative and exciting cocktails can be part of your everyday life. Easy to make and beautifully photographed, the cocktails cover every mood and occasion, from sunny day drinks and winter warmers to Friday night cocktails and morning revivers. Mr Lyan perfects classics such as the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan, and experiments with new intriguing combinations and ingredients.

    Pages: 224
    Price: $39.99
  • GQ Drinks
    GQ Drinks
    ISBN: 9781845339524
    Publication date: 01/02/2015

    The anticipated follow-up to GQ Eats, this ultimate drinks book features creations from bar legends such as Salvatore Calabrese as well as innovative mixes from new talent from the UK's best bars. As well as over 120 recipes for classic and cutting-edge cocktails, you will also find inside tips such as which are the best brands to use for the perfect G+T. A special section on hardware covers the glasses to use and the shakers that are worth spending money on.

    Pages: 224
    Dimension: 263mm X 202mm
    Price: $35.00
  • Great Whiskies
    Great Whiskies
    ISBN: 9780241341452
    Publication date: 01/08/2018

    Discover and explore every type of whisky, from the classic single and smooth blended malts of Scotland, to the lesser-known corn and rye whiskies appearing on the scene. Featuring 500 whiskies from 23 countries, Great Whiskies is the perfect guide to today's global whisky market.

    Are you in search of the Islay malt that offers the peatiest finish, or curious to know which Japanese blend combines notes of pineapple and oak? Each whisky-producing region has been covered by a specialist, with detailed tasting notes to help you choose your ideal tipple. Find out the stories behind long established whisky brands, such as Johnnie Walker, The Dalmore, or Oban, and surprise yourself with new, artisan distilleries taking the whisky world by storm. Take a guided tour along five whisky trails, covering the classic whisky-producing regions of Scotland, Japan, Kentucky, and more - complete with handy tips for distillery tours and accommodation to help you plan your ideal trip.

    Pages: 384
    Dimension: 171mm X 144mm
    Price: $19.99
  • Grog A Bottled History of Australias First 30 Years
    Grog A Bottled History of Australias First 30 Years
    ISBN: 9780733634017
    Publication date: 01/10/2016

    Even before James Squire set sail as a convict aboard the First Fleet, liquor was playing its part in shaping the colony-to-be. Who was entitled to it and who wasn't; who could make and sell it and who couldn't; and how the young and thirsty colony could make itself self-sufficient in booze. As the colony grew, rum became both a currency and a source of political strength and instability, culminating in the Rum Rebellion in 1808, and what one observer said was a society of 'drunkenness, gaming and debaucheries'.

    Now, with GROG, writer Tom Gilling presents a compelling bottled history of the first three decades of European settlement: how the men and women of New South Wales transformed the colony from a squalid and starving convict settlement into a prosperous trading town with fashionable Georgian street names and a monumental two-storey hospital built by private contractors in exchange for a monopoly on rum.

    GROG is a colourful account of the unique beginnings of a new nation, and a unique insight into the history of Australia's long love affair with the hard stuff.

    Pages: 352
    Author: GILLING, TOM
    Price: $32.99
  • Helen McGinns Teetotal Tipples for January and Beyond
    Helen McGinns Teetotal Tipples for January and Beyond
    ISBN: 9781472139405
    Publication date: 01/12/2016

    Ever decided to go booze-free only to find the alternatives a little, well . . . boring? If you're embarking on a dry spell, this book is just the tonic (so to speak). Drinks expert Helen McGinn shows you how to make the most of your time off the sauce with plenty of recipes for simple homemade mocktails, infusions and cordials, along with a guide to non-alcoholic wines, beers and spirits worth adding to your drinks cupboard. Think of this book as a friend, with a (dry) sense of humour, to keep you company in style through your booze-free spell.

    Pages: 160
    Author: MCGINN, HELEN
    Price: $24.99
  • Herballs Guide to Botanical Drinks
    Herballs Guide to Botanical Drinks
    ISBN: 9781847809278
    Publication date: 01/02/2018

    This collection of recipes are natural, non-alcoholic stimulants and tranquilisers to improve awareness, aid sleep and everything in between.

    The perfect book for global foragers, fermenters and those fascinated by the healing power of herbs. Isted has cornered the fashion elites' desire to heal themselves naturally; with clients including Missoni and Jimmy Choo; and now brings his delectable potions to a wider audience.
    This is no rarefied guide; using common plants such as dandelions and nettles, Isted reveals the history and practical processes of fermenting, cold-brewing and blending at home, accompanied by beautiful 18th century botanical drawings. Most importantly, 60 amazingly delicious and non-alcoholic recipes teach the secrets of love elixirs, sleeping draughts or brain boosters, among many others. Michael draws on his specialist knowledge of worldwide plants to match each to a desired effect.
    A seasonal guide shows when and how to harvest plants to use and how they can give you different qualities throughout the year, wherever you live, while Michael touches on ancient practices of harvesting by the Sun or Moon, depending on what is needed from a potion. Whether you're an active forager, looking for a healthier way to live more in tune with the elements or want to try your hand at making drinks from the plants that surround you, this is the book for you.

    Pages: 192
    Author: BELL, SUSAN
    Price: $39.99
  • Homemade Cocktails
    Homemade Cocktails
    ISBN: 9781472140678
    Publication date: 01/09/2018

    Author: MCGINN, HELEN
    Price: $26.99
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