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  • 4-Phase Histamine Reset Plan

    4-Phase Histamine Reset Plan
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    ISBN: 9781624148460
    Publication date: 01/12/2019

    Many people suffer from bothersome symptoms like hives, itchy skin, low blood pressure, heart palpitations and more without knowing that they are caused by histamine intolerance. Board-certified Doctor of Natural Medicine and author of The 30-Day Thyroid Reset Plan Becky Campbell teaches you everything you need to know to identify high-histamine foods you are sensitive to and eliminate these symptoms and improve your health and well-being. The 4-Phase Histamine Reset Plan fills you in on everything you didn't know about histamine intolerance and its causes and symptoms. Dr. Campbell also outlines a four-step plan that will help you identify the foods you're sensitive to and cure ailments such as vertigo, allergies, migraines and more. The four-phase diet plan is full of flavorful, low-histamine paleo foods; the first three phases instruct you which foods to eliminate from your diet to reset your health and support your organ functions, and the last phase help you slowly reintroduce foods. The plan is supported by tasty recipes for every meal that have adaptations based on which phase you are in. This book will feature 60 recipes and 60 photos.

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