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APRIL 2017 Newsletter out now!

16-Mar-2017 April will have a who’s who list of authors with new titles in the three pages of The Cookery Book Newsletter

Authors include : Valli Little, Monday Morning Cooking Club, Stephanie Alexander, Lucio Galletto, David Dale, Pete Evans, Sally Wise, Sarah Wilson, Ross Dobson, Mary Berry, Nicholas Lander and Julie Goodwin. (FYI- Brae has been delayed until April ) .
Authors in the news:
  • #50 Best Talks April 1 Sydney:
    • Massimo Bottura - Never Trust A Skinny Italian Chef -$79.95 RRP
    • Dominique Crenn – Atelier Crenn -$69.99 RRP 
    •  Peter Gilmore - Quay -$95.00 RRP and Organum - $59.99 RRP
  • #50 Best Talks April 3 Melbourne:
    • Jordi Roca –El Celler De Can Roca $80.00 RRP 
    •  Grant Achatz – Alinea $74.99 RRP
  • Danielle Humm & Willl Guidara – Eleven Madison Park $110.00 RRP, I Love New York $70.00 RRP and Nomad $150.00 RRP
  • Darren Purchese opens a dessert bar this week at 12-Micron Barangaroo, Sydney .
    • Sweet Studio $49.99 RRP or Lamingtons & Lamingtons and Lemon Tart Best-ever Cakes Desserts and Treats from a Modern Sweets Maestro $49.99
  • Nino Zoccali still going strong at Pendolino, Strand Arcade, Sydney.
    • Pasta Artigiana $49.99 RRP
  • Matt Wilkinson will join Sean McConnell at Monster Kitchen & Bar in Canberra on March 25th.
    • Mr Wilkinson’s Favourite Vegetables $39.99 RRP and Mr Wilkinson’s Simply Dressed Salads $35.00 RRP.
  • Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants –‘Restaurant Andre’ in Singapore No.2
    • Octaphilosophy -The Eight Elements of Restaurant Andre by Andre Chiang $79.99 RRP
  • Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants name ‘Nahm’ in Bangkok No.4.
    • Thai Food by David Thompson $100 RRP, Thai Street Food $49.99 RRP and Curry $39.99 RRP.
  • Somer Sovrigliu at Efendy in Balmain has a new charcoal inspired menu.  ‘Anatolia’ -$79.99 RRP