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  • Turbo Blender Dessert Revolution
    Turbo Blender Dessert Revolution
    ISBN: 9781250080707
    Publication date: 01/12/2016

    Imagine rich, velvety chocolate pudding in less than ten minutes—without turning on the stove or dirtying a single bowl or saucepan, other than the canister of a high-horsepower blender. Imagine a chocolate sheet cake with a creamy icing, made in minutes (and from scratch!) without much more work than flipping a switch. Imagine ice cream. Imagine gingerbread. Imagine the best buttermilk waffles ever. Now imagine one more thing: all of the baked treats are (shh—don’t tell your family) whole-grain desserts because you grind your own flour right in the blender’s canister before you add the other ingredients.

    These 140+ original, quick, and easy recipes for ice creams, puddings, cream pies, ice box cakes, layer cakes, brownies, muffins, scones, and even pancakes and waffles are a revolution. This is dessert-making unlike anything before. This is a whole new way to think about a turbo blender. And you thought you only bought it for smoothies!

    Price: $29.99
  • Wild Sugar Desserts
    Wild Sugar Desserts
    ISBN: 9781742572154
    Publication date: 01/04/2012

    Gorgeous desserts come tumbling from this stunningly photographed book. Sections are organized into the types of desserts parties and gatherings, including:.

    · Children’s parties – popsicles, chocolate and gum drops

    · Dinner parties – Turkish delight, hot chocolate vodka, champagne sorbet

    · Desserts for love - Spicy pear love cake, Baked Hazelnut Custard with Lime Sugar Sexy Chocolate Tart

    · Traditional recipes with a twist - Italian Mamma's Tiramisu, Blackberry, and Elderflower Trifle, Apricot Tarte Tartin

    · Health nut desserts - Mint Chocolate Tart, Lime Cashew Cream, Pink Grapefruit and Pomegranate Salad

    · Bling! – sugar balls, frostings and icings
    Wild Sugar Desserts is a celebration of the connection so many of us have with sweets, which is influenced by life circumstance, emotions, family, history and the company you share. Like most kids, following mum around the kitchen and licking the bowl was our first motivation for cooking. Although simple, sweets can be the very thing that brings us together in complete delight, whether it is for celebration or for comfort. It is a universal language, which carries you through life.

    Pages: 256
    Dimension: 230mm X 200mm
    Price: $35.00
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