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  • How I Cook An Inspiring Collection of Recipes Revealing the Secrets of Skyes Home Cooking

    How I Cook An Inspiring Collection of Recipes Revealing the Secrets of Skyes Home Cooking
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    ISBN: 9781849499507
    Publication date: 01/03/2017

    Entertaining needn't be time-consuming or demanding. Discover the pleasure of cooking for family and friends as bestselling author; Skye Gyngell shares her secrets and techniques to what make her dishes so special. Turning her attention to the joy of home cooking, Skye will show you how to cook for others with over 100 delicious, easy recipes. From breakfast to Sunday lunch, alfresco dining to afternoon tea, simple weekday suppers, dinner parties to celebrations, there are dishes for everyday and special occasions.

    The ingredients are easy to source and strongly influenced by the seasons, making each dish flavourful and straightforward to make. Including traditional recipes from breakfast pancakes, through to hearty pies, rustic roasts and classic cakes, all with an inventive twist.

    The layering of flavour through all the recipes is inspiring and typifies the way Skye cooks. This beautiful book reveals how to delight others through simple dishes with ease, generosity and a little finesse. How I Cook is a book that should find a place on every cook s bookshelf.

    Pages: 256
    Dimension: 229mm X 164mm
    Author: GYNGELL, SKYE
    • New Price: $29.99
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    Published to celebrate Skye Gyngell's groundbreaking new restaurant in the heart of London, Spring presents a collection of mouthwatering original recipes from the new restaurant's menu - beautiful breads and pasta dishes, exquisite seafood and meat dishes, colourful salads and vegetables, enticing ice cream and desserts, original preserves and refreshing non-alcoholic drinks. Crab salad with chilli, pumpkin, curry leaves and lime, Pappardalle with oxtail ragu, Guinea fowl with faro and parsley, Kimchi and Warm chocolate and espresso puddings are just a few of the delectable recipes on offer. But Spring is much more than a collection of new recipes from this talented chef. It also provides a fascinating insight into the creation of the restaurant itself, from Skye's first visit to the space at Somerset House, through the design and development of the site to the opening of the restaurant. She describes how the menu evolved, from the early days testing recipes in her kitchen at home to the opening in October 2014. She also reveals details about the other aspects that give the restaurant its unique character: the decor, art, staff uniforms, table settings etc. Beautifully illustrated throughout with Andy Sewell's evocative photographs, which capture the essence of Skye's inspirational food as well as the dazzling atmosphere of the restaurant, Spring is set to become a classic.

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