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  • French Food Safari

    French Food Safari
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    ISBN: 9781743792865
    Publication date: 01/11/2016

    French Food Safari is a celebration of exquisite Frenchcuisine in all its delicious complexity. Maeve O’Meara andchef Guillaume Brahimi explore both Paris and regionalFrance – visiting some of France’s top chefs and providores.Meet the acclaimed Alain Ducasse, with an unprecedented19 Michelin stars; the father of modern French cooking PaulBocuse; legendary chef Guy Savoy, who has restaurantson three continents; and the incomparable king of sweetsPierre Hermé.Maeve and Guillaume take us into the ancient cellars belowthe streets of Paris to meet baker Jean-Luc Poujauran,patissier Fabrice Le Bourdat and the legendary wood-firedoven of bakers Poilâne; on a delicious journey into thefragrant cheese rooms of Laurent Dubois; to the mountainsof the Ardèche, the home of prolific cookbook author andchef Stéphane Reynaud; searching for truffles with thePebeyre family, among groves of oak trees in Périgord; andinto the aromatic world of Maison du Chocolat where liquidchocolate is transformed into exquisite sweet delights.Australia’s crème de la crème of French-inspired chefs alsofeature in this mouth-watering cookbook, sharing theirwisdom and recipes. Along with Guillaume Brahimi theyshare favourite recipes and introduce the classics ofFrench cuisine.French Food Safari is far more than a cookbook, it’s aglimpse into a way of life that celebrates one of the bestcuisines on the planet – a culture that revolves aroundsourcing and cooking the best regional produce, andtaking the time to sit and enjoy the delicious results.

    Pages: 272
    Dimension: 275mm X 210mm
    Author: O'MEARA, MAEVE
    • Price: $39.99
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