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  • Decorative Art of Japanese Food Carving - Elegant Garnishes for All Occasions
    Decorative Art of Japanese Food Carving - Elegant Garnishes for All Occasions
    ISBN: 9784770030870
    Publication date: 01/10/2009

    The Decorative Art of Japanese Food Carving is full of creative suggestions and ideas for your menu to stimulate appetite and enhance and transform your way of cooking. So Create! Eat! Enjoy! This is the very first book on this exquisite art containing garnishes for all
    occasions, from simple meals to banquets.

    Pages: 112
    Dimension: 190mm X 250mm
    Price: $39.95
  • Dictionary of Japanese Food
    Dictionary of Japanese Food
    ISBN: 9784805313350
    Publication date: 01/12/2014

    For nearly two decades, "A Dictionary of Japanese Food" has been helping food lovers around the world decipher the intricacies and nuances of Japanese cooking and its ingredients. Nominated for the Glenfiddich Food Book of the Year Award in 1997, this timeless volume is the first and only book of its kind on the subject. Definitions in ordinary cookbooks and standard dictionaries--such as akebia for "akebi," sea cucumber for "namako," plum for "ume"--can be inadequate, misleading, or just plain wrong. Richard Hoskings eliminates the mystery by ensuring that each entry in the Japanese-English section includes the Japanese term in Roman script; the term in kana or kanji or both; a Latin name where appropriate; an English definition; and, for most entries, a short annotation. The English-Japanese section defines important English food terms in Japanese and annotates those needing explanation. One hundred small line drawings make it easy for readers to identify everything from "mitsuba" to the "okoze fish," and seventeen appendices address the most critical elements of Japanese cuisine, from the making of "miso" and the structure of the Japanese meal to the tea ceremony. Newly typeset and featuring a fascinating and informative new foreword by cookbook author Debra Samuels--plus a lower retail price--"A Dictionary of Japanese Food" will continue to help both food lovers and visitors to Japan discover the wonders of one of the world's great cuisines.

    Pages: 240
    Dimension: 203mm X 127mm
    Price: $22.99
    ISBN: 9784805308752

    Price: $10.00
  • Donabe Traditional and Modern Japanese Clay Pot Cooking
    Donabe Traditional and Modern Japanese Clay Pot Cooking
    ISBN: 9781607746997
    Publication date: 15/11/2015

    Publication Date: November 2015
    A beautiful and lavishly photographed cookbook focused on authentic Japanese clay-pot cooking, showcasing beloved recipes and updates on classics, with background on the origins and history of "donabe." Japanese clay pot ("donabe") cooking has been refined over centuries into a versatile and simple, one-vessel method of cooking used for rice cooking, steaming, simmering, or even smoking. As Japan's most beloved cookware, donabe is becoming increasingly popular in the US as the media discovers it and American home cooks and chefs become interested in authentic Japanese cooking. In "Donabe," Tokyo native and "donabe "professional Naoko Moore andchef Kyle Connaughton, former head chef ofthree Michelin starred restaurant The Fat Duck, present both Japanese home-style dishes, such as Salmon & Hijiki Rice and Sake Lovers Ginger Pork Sukiyaki, and chef-style, California-inspired dishes including Crab Rice with Charred Scallion and Tat Soi all rich in flavor and simple to prepare. The book also features non-traditional recipes from luminary chefs such as David Kinch, Namae Shinobu, Cortney Burns, and Nick Balla, all of whom utilize "donabe "in their own kitchens."

    Pages: 240
    Price: $59.99
  • Eat Like A Local Tokyo
    Eat Like A Local Tokyo
    ISBN: 9781408894002
    Publication date: 01/07/2018

    Eat Like a Local is a series of stylish travel guides that focus on the culinary scenes of the world 's most-visited cities. The first of their kind, these books act as a food tour in your pocket, giving you inside knowledge to eat, drink, shop and cook like a local.

    Contents include over 100 listings for the best restaurants, cafes, bars, markets and street food as recommended by savvy locals native to the city; short essays that give a real insight into the ins and outs of the city 's idiosyncratic food cultures; plus a handful of iconic recipes to cook from your holiday kitchen or back home.

    Whether you 're visiting for a weekend or a week, these sleek little guides will equip you with everything you need to get off the well-worn tourist track and under the skin of the city 's food scene, leaving you feeling satisfied that you 've eaten your way through the very best the city has to offer.

    Pages: 160
    Dimension: 176mm X 113mm
    Author: MISC
    Price: $21.99
  • Everyday Harumi
    Everyday Harumi
    ISBN: 9781840917437
    Publication date: 01/07/2016

    n Everyday Harumi, now reissed as an attractive jacketed paperback, Harumi Kurihara, Japan's most popular cookery writer, selects her favourite foods and presents more than 60 new home-style recipes for you to make for family and friends. Harumi wants everyone to be able to make her recipes and she demonstrates how easy it is to cook Japanese food for every day occasions without needing to shop at specialist food stores.

    Using many of her favourite ingredients, Harumi presents recipes for soups, starters, snacks, party dishes, main courses and family feasts that are quick and simple to prepare, all presented in her effortless, down-to-earth and unpretentious approach to stylish living and eating. Every recipe is photographed and includes beautiful step-by-step instructions that show key Japanese cooking techniques. Texture and flavour are important to Japanese food and Harumi takes you through the basic sauces you can make at home and the staples you should have in your store cupboard.

    Photographed by award-winning photographer Jason Lowe, this warm and approachable cookbook invites you to cook and share Japanese food in a simple and elegant style.

    Price: $26.99
  • Food Artisans of Japan
    Food Artisans of Japan
    ISBN: 9781743794654
    Publication date: 01/11/2019

    In Food Artisans of Japan, Nancy Singleton Hachisu introduces us to the chefs and artisans with whom she has formed lasting relationships following the phenomenal success of her most recent Japan: The Cookbook (Phaidon, 2018) as well her seminal works, Japanese Farm Food (Andrews McMeel, 2012) and Preserving the Japanese Way (Andrews McMeel, 2015).

    Hachisu shares an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Japanese locales, the foods, and the artisans who work there. Each chef was chosen because he goes beyond courting media exposure or Michelin stars. Each chef's food is soulful. And each chef speaks deeply to Hachisu for genuine connection to local ingredients, unwavering desire to give back to the community, and common dedication to craft.

    The book includes anywhere from 7 to 45 recipes from each chef, ranging from traditional Japanese to French- or Italian-influenced Japanese dishes created from regional ingredients. Each recipe is a collaboration between the chef and Hachisu, and therefore can be cooked successfully in either a home kitchen or restaurant. And bits and pieces of any chef recipe can be turned into a simple home cooked dish, or the recipe itself can serve as a blueprint for approaching the dish with seasonally available ingredients from your own locale.

    The stunning art and design of Food Artisans of Japan feels both serene and mature. It is beautiful, but not excessively glitzy or over-designed. The book has a certain soberness that feels respectful, but not at all dull. This fresh, honest work delves into the vast ocean of Japanese culinary and artistic traditions, celebrating the chefs and artisans from around Japan ... straight from the heart.

    Pages: 288
    Dimension: 240mm X 210mm
    Price: $55.00
  • Food of Japan
    Food of Japan
    ISBN: 9784805314807
    Publication date: 01/07/2018

    In Japan where there are more festivals than there are days of the year, it's no surprise that food is a daily celebration unto itself! The Food of Japan is a diverse compilation of 96 recipes collected and beautifully photographed in several regions of Japan.

    The many different styles of Japanese cooking is a treat not only to the palate but the eyes and nose as well making it a complete epicurean experience. History and culture have shaped the cuisine which is carefully explained in this introductory guide as well as eating styles, cooking techniques, authentic ingredients, and regional differences.

    Recipes included range from soup stocks to main dishes to desserts including:
    Miso Soup with Clams
    Chawan Mushi
    Cherry Blossom Dumplings
    Steps to creating traditional Japanese dishes along with new twists on old classics are featured in this vibrantly illustrated guide. A lovely addition to the serious home chef's library or for the budding gourmand's entry into cooking at home, The Food of Japan is destined to be a classic.

    Pages: 112
    Dimension: 279mm X 216mm
    Price: $14.99
  • From the Source Japan
    From the Source Japan
    ISBN: 9781760342982
    Publication date: 01/09/2016

    Lonely Planet presents Japan's most authentic dishes - direct from the kitchens where they were perfected. From street-food vendors to Michelin-starred chefs, Japan's best local cooks share their passion for food and 60 of their region's classic recipes - from steaming soups and silky ramen noodles to fresh, hand-rolled sushi. Recipes include: * Takoyaki - octopus balls * Sukiyaki - soy-simmered beef * Okonomiyaki - savoury pancakes * Torinabe - Chicken and vegetable hotpot * Iwashi sushi - Sardine sushi * Tonkatsu - deep-fried breaded pork cutlet * Teppo-jiru - miso soup with crab * Soki soba - Okinawan pork rib ramen with a pork broth * And more! It would be easy to assume that Japanese cuisine is all about the food itself. But no. Or at least, it's not only about the food. The cuisine of this teeming archipelago of 3000 islands is a living part of its culture. In Japan, it's believed that food should be devoured with all five senses: not just smell, taste and sight, but also touch (the texture of the ingredients, the smooth warmth of bamboo chopsticks), and even sound (a high-end ryotei is oddly quiet, the better to appreciate the experience of eating).Any Japanese meal - from a simple home-cooked fare to the most structured, formal kaiseki - aims to blend each of these elements for balance and nutrition. Unsurprisingly, this provides myriad benefits for our health, as does the act of lingering over our food and cherishing each mouthful with all our senses - the latter has been proven to aid digestion and portion control. It's clear that meals taken the traditional Japanese way are good for us. That they are such a pleasure to consume, too? Well, that's just a happy coincidence. With sumptuous, original photography and inside stories and tips from Japan's best local cooks of the history, legend, emotion, and process behind each recipe, From the Source - Japan represents global food at its most thrilling. The perfect book for foodies and travel enthusiasts alike!Also check out: *From the Source - Spain *From the Source - Italy *From the Source - Thailand

    Pages: 272
    Dimension: 240mm X 185mm
    Price: $34.99
  • Gaijin Cookbook
    Gaijin Cookbook
    ISBN: 9781328954350
    Publication date: 01/11/2019

    Ivan Orkin is a self-described gaijin (guy-jin), a Japanese term that means "outsider." He has been hopelessly in love with the food of Japan since he was a teenager on Long Island. Even after living in Tokyo for decades and running two ramen shops that earned him international renown, he remained a gaijin. Fortunately, being a lifelong outsider has made Orkin a more curious, open, and studious chef. In The Gaijin Cookbook, he condenses his experiences into approachable recipes for every occasion, including weeknights with picky kids, boozy weekends, and celebrations. Everyday dishes like Pork and Miso-Ginger Stew, Stir-Fried Udon, and Japanese Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce are what keep the Orkin family connected to Japan. For more festive dinners, he suggests a Temaki Party, where guests assemble their own sushi from cooked and fresh fillings. And recipes for Bagels with Shiso Gravlax and Tofu Coney Island (fried tofu with mushroom chili) reveal the eclectic spirit of Ivan's cooking. 125 colour photographs AUTHORS: Ivan Orkin is the author of Ivan Ramen and a star of Chef's Table and Mind of a Chef. He owns Ivan Ramen and Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop in NYC, where the food is "so good it makes your eyes explode" (Eater). Chris Ying is the cofounder of Lucky Peach. Ivan lives in Westchester, New York, and Chris lives in San Francisco, California.

    Pages: 256
    Dimension: 254mm X 202mm
    Price: $65.00
  • Gyoza The Ultimate Dumpling Cookbook
    Gyoza The Ultimate Dumpling Cookbook
    ISBN: 9784805314906
    Publication date: 01/11/2018

    Whether eaten in an exclusive restaurant or at a humble street stall, gyoza dumplings are the ultimate Asian comfort food.

    Dumplings are surprisingly easy to make once you learn a few basic techniques. Step-by-step instructions, photos, and helpful tips show you how to wrap dumplings like the "Gyoza King," Paradise Yamamoto, himself—even if it's your first try.

    This book contains 50 delicious dumpling recipes, including:
    Shiitake Mushroom Dumplings
    Waygu Beef Dumplings
    Bacon and Cheese Carbonara Dumplings
    Lamb and Coriander Dumplings
    Many more traditional and playful recipes (including dessert dumplings)
    With a wide array of shapes, fillings, and customizable options, these recipes are sure to please picky eaters and gyoza connoisseurs alike! Impress friends and family with these satisfying and easy-to-make morsels.

    Pages: 120
    Dimension: 229mm X 203mm
    Price: $24.99
  • Harumis Japanese Kitchen
    Harumis Japanese Kitchen
    ISBN: 9781840918083
    Publication date: 11/08/2020

    'A one-woman cookery empire ... she inspires an almost religious devotion in her fans.' - The Times 'Ms. Kurihara's television cooking shows, housewares stores, cookbooks and food magazines have propelled her to rock-star status in Japan ... Her food has both a delicate balance of flavours and a stylish mashing of influences' - The New York Times In HARUMI'S JAPANESE KITCHEN, Harumi Kurihara takes cooking back to basics and shows you how to master Japanese recipes to impress friends and family. With an enticing design and foolproof step-by-step photography, Harumi presents 53 recipes in her trademark approachable style, organized into chapters of Meat & Fish; Vegetables; Rice, Noodles & More; and Desserts. There's also information on ingredients and utensils, making dashi and how to correctly prepare and cook rice.

    Pages: 240
    Dimension: 217mm X 162mm
    Price: $35.00
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