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  • Biergarten CookbookTraditional Bavarian Recipes
    Biergarten CookbookTraditional Bavarian Recipes
    ISBN: 9781465434012
    Publication date: 01/04/2015

    Sunshine, beer, and Brotzeit: What could be better? Bring the happiness of the Biergarten back to your own kitchen table with "Biergarten Cookbook," your guide to the best recipes of Bavaria. Imagine a picnic filled with Obazda cheese spread, sausage salad, meat patties, roast pork, cheese spaetzle, dumplings, and traditional Bavarian desserts and cakes. The Biergarten is one of Bavaria's most beloved places, where freshly draught golden beer is enjoyed in the shade of chestnut trees and people are allowed to bring and share their own Brotzeit -- home-cooked Bavarian food. "Biergarten Cookbook" shows you exactly what Bavarian cooks pack in their baskets so you can bring some of that magic and Bavarian food to your own celebrations.

    Price: $24.99
  • CCCP Cook Book True Stories of Soviet Cuisine
    CCCP Cook Book True Stories of Soviet Cuisine
    ISBN: 9780993191114
    Publication date: 01/11/2015

    This book contains over 60 recipes, each introduced with an insightful historical story or anecdote, and an accompanying image, spanning such delicacies as aspic, borscht, caviar and herring, by way of bird’s milk cake and pelmeni. As the Soviet Union struggled along the path to Communism, food supplies were often sporadic and shortages commonplace. Day to day living was hard, both the authorities and their citizens had to apply every ounce of ingenuity to maximize often inadequate resources. The stories and recipes contained here reflect these turbulent times: from basic subsistence meals consumed by the average citizen (okroshka), to extravagant banquets held by the political elite (suckling pig with buckwheat), and a scattering of classics (beef stroganoff) in between. Illustrated using images sourced from original Soviet recipe books collected by the author. Many of these sometimes extraordinary-looking pictures depicted dishes whose recipes used unobtainable ingredients, placing them firmly in the realm of ‘aspirational’ fantasy for the average Soviet household. In their content and presentation the pictures themselves act as a window into cuisine of the day, in turn revealing the unique political and social attitudes of the era.

    Pages: 192
    Dimension: 205mm X 125mm
    Author: SYUTKIN, PAVEL
    Price: $40.00
  • Classic German Baking The Very Best Recipes for Traditional Favorites from Pfeffernusse to Steuselkuchen
    Classic German Baking The Very Best Recipes for Traditional Favorites from Pfeffernusse to Steuselkuchen
    ISBN: 9781607748250
    Publication date: 01/01/2017

    German baking has influenced baking traditions around the world for generations and is a source of great nostalgia for those of German and Central European heritage. Yet the very best recipes for Germany’s cookies, cakes, tortes, and breads, passed down through generations, have never before been collected and perfected for contemporary American home bakers. Enter Luisa Weiss, the Berlin-based creator of the adored Wednesday Chef blog and self-taught ambassador of the German baking canon.

    From her cheerful Berlin kitchen, Weiss shares more than 100 rigorously researched and tested recipes, gathered from expert bakers, friends, family, and time-honored sources throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Whether you’re in the mood for the simple yet emblematic Streuselkuchen, crisp and flaky Strudel, or classic breakfast Brötchen, every recipe you’re looking for is here, along with detailed advice to ensure success plus delightful storytelling about the origins, meaning, and rituals behind the recipes. Paired with more than 100 photographs of Berlin and delectable baked goods, such as Elisenlebkuchen, Marmorierter Mohnkuchen, and Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, this book will encourage home bakers of all skill levels to delve into the charm of Germany’s rich baking tradition.

    Pages: 288
    Author: WEISS, LUISA
    Price: $59.99
  • Classic Recipes of Hungary Traditional Food and Cooking in 25 Authentic Dishes
    Classic Recipes of Hungary Traditional Food and Cooking in 25 Authentic Dishes
    ISBN: 9780754828822

    From stroganoff to strudel, explore the distinctive cuisine of Hungary, with 25 classic recipes presented in an irresistible little gift book. Includes beautiful photographs of practical steps and final dishes.

    Pages: 64
    Author: JOHAN, SILVENA
    Price: $19.99
  • Culinaria Germany A Celebration of Food and Tradition New Edition
    Culinaria Germany A Celebration of Food and Tradition New Edition
    ISBN: 9783848008216
    Publication date: 01/10/2015

    Publication Date: October 2015
    'Culinaria Germany' invites the reader to venture a look into German cooking pots. Whether freshly caught Matjes from the North, Rheinischer Sauerbraten, or original Swabian Maultaschen, this book's authentic recipes, covering the full range of regional and national specialties, and its wealth of background information, can stir the heart of even the most culinary-spoiled reader. Take a look at just how hearty, sophisticated, or sweet German cuisine can be. AUTHOR: Christine Metzger has worked as a freelance journalist for daily newspapers, magazines, and radio, and has authored numerous books 1000 colour illustrations

    Price: $39.99
  • Culinaria Hungary A Celebration of Food and Tradition
    Culinaria Hungary A Celebration of Food and Tradition
    ISBN: 9783848008766
    Publication date: 01/10/2015

    Publication Date: October 2015
    Salami, goulash, marmalade-filled crepes and many other specialties: this is the best of Hungarian cuisine! From hearty casseroles, meat dishes and sweet baked goods all the way to its most exquisite culinary pleasures, Hungarian cooking offers a wealth of possibilities. The richness of the country's culinary palette is no accident: the Orient and the Occident are melded in many typical Hungarian recipes that inspire gourmets to wax enthusiastic about the wonders of Hungarian cuisine. This volume is far more than just a cookbook, however. Commentaries describe the tradition of Hungarian wine culture, introduce Tokaj, the king of Hungarian wines, and relate the "fiery" history of the pepper. The texts range across the wide plains of the puszta, the cosmopolitan Danubian metropolis Budapest, and the Hungarian landscape with its sandy plains, mountains and wild, romantic forests. Colourful pictures invite readers to participate in a peasant wedding as well as Easter and Christmas feasts - and to try the refined recipes. AUTHOR: Born in Budapest, Aniko Gergely is the author of numerous articles and publications on culinary themes. She is one of the leading experts on Hungarian cooking. 1000 colour illustrations

    Price: $39.99
  • Dalmatia Recipes from Croatias Mediterranean Coast
    Dalmatia Recipes from Croatias Mediterranean Coast
    ISBN: 9781743792551
    Publication date: 01/05/2017

    Dalmatia is a celebration of the food of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, a region with a long, rich history, but one that is only slowly coming to prominence as tourists continue to discover its rugged beauty, blue waters and rustic, simple cuisine. Alongside more than 80 achievable recipes (presented as Salads & Vegetables; Seafood; Meat; Desserts and Drinks), the book sells the dream - and a sense of discovery. It tells the story of this place, in words and pictures, communicating both to people who aspire to experience it for themselves, and to those with fond memories of having done so. Accompanied with stunning local photography of both this beautiful region and the culinary experiences it offers, Dalmatia will transport you to the shores of Croatia from your home kitchen.

    Pages: 224
    Dimension: 252mm X 203mm
    Author: KUVACIC, INO
    Price: $50.00
  • Dutch Feast
    Dutch Feast
    ISBN: 9781551526874
    Publication date: 01/11/2017

    In the same way that British, Scandinavian, and German food have undergone a renaissance in recent years, writer and blogger Emily Wight is convinced that Dutch cuisine is going to be the next big thing. Her new cookbook reimagines traditional Dutch cooking, which has always been known for its thriftiness and practicality, with an emphasis on the ways that simple meals bring joy and comfort to the people who share them.

    Influenced by its colonial history, with bold flavors from places like Indonesia and the West Indies, and by its proximity to its European neighbors, Dutch cooking is surprisingly diverse, noted for its celebration of the ritual of the meal as much as the meal itself. From gezellig to borrels, and gado gado to uitsmijter, Dutch Feast delivers unconventional (but familiar) and economical (but indulgent) recipes, and gives you a new excuse to invite everyone over for cold gin and a heaping rijsttafel, an elaborate (yet economical) dinner party with a little dish of something for everyone.

    Touching on Dutch history and the back story of traditional ingredients (from licorice to herring to beer), these 120 recipes add charm and sophistication to a cuisine that is wholesome, economical, and stubbornly delicious.

    Emily Wight came to love Dutch cuisine when she married into a Dutch family. She is the author of Well Fed, Flat Broke, based on her blog of the same name.

    Pages: 224
    Dimension: 228mm X 203mm
    Author: WIGHT, EMILY
    Price: $39.99
  • Food and Cooking of Germany
    Food and Cooking of Germany
    ISBN: 9781903141670

    This book presents a selection of the very best of German food, with 60 superb recipes from simple farmhouse fare to international classics. Dishes include such delicious recipes as Rhenish Sausage Salad with Emmental Cheese, Swabian Stew with Beef, Spatzle and Vegetables, Potato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon and Sour Cream, and Bavarian Cream with Marinated Berries. With over 300 specially commissioned photographs, this book will provide all the inspiration you need to experience truly authentic German cooking, whether you have travelled in the region and wish to replicate the food, or desire to expand your culinary repertoire with distinctive and satisfying dishes.

    Pages: 128
    Dimension: 279mm X 228mm
    Price: $31.95
  • From A Polish Country House Kitchen
    From A Polish Country House Kitchen
    ISBN: 9781452110554
    Publication date: 01/09/2013

    In My Polish Country House Kitchen is a beautifully written cookbook that explores the fall of Communism and its wide-ranging culinary and cultural effects through the lens of food. This is not the discovery of a trend, but rather the rediscover of something that was always there. The book contains 90 recipes and evocative headnotes that paint a picture of Polish country life that expands a reader's understanding of Polish history, foodways and culture.

    Pages: 288
    Price: $55.00
  • German Cookery
    German Cookery
    ISBN: 9780517506639
    Publication date: 04/02/1993

    Author: SCHULER, E
    Price: $29.99
  • Home Made Summer
    Home Made Summer
    ISBN: 9781617690150
    Publication date: 01/06/2013

    Home Made and Home Made Winter blew away readers with their stunning packages, delicious recipes, beautiful photos, step by step instruction and hand drawn artwork throughout. Now, in Home Made Summer, Yvette takes her same signature approach and presents her absolute favourite recipes for the Spring and Summer seasons.

    Pages: 197
    Dimension: 256mm X 248mm
    Price: $35.00
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