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  • Tasting India Heirloom Family Recipes

    Tasting India Heirloom Family Recipes
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    ISBN: 9781925791310
    Publication date: 01/11/2018

    Christine Manfield’s ode to Indian cooking quickly immerses you in the colour, spice, strong flavours and glorious chaos of the sub-continent ... a cookbook that’s practical, yes, but also full of heart.
    Gourmet Traveller

    ‘This is my story of India, a story gathered across many visits, connecting with people in various walks of life. The recipes I’ve collected along the way reflect the stories of countless mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sons of daughters, brothers, sisters and aunts, as told to me during my travels.’

    Tasting India is a gastronomic odyssey through home kitchens, crowded alleyways, fine restaurants and street shacks to explore the masterful, complex and vibrant tapestry of Indian cuisine. Along the way, this captivating country comes alive as Christine Manfield describes its food, landscape, culture and traditions with her trademark passion, curiosity and expertise. This award winning cookbook has been fully revised in paperback and includes three new chapters on the Punjab, Gujarat and Hyderabad, plus Christine’s insider tips on where to sleep, eat and shop throughout India.

    International Cookbook of the Year, 2012 International Association of Culinary Professionals, New York
    Best Culinary Travel book, 2012 IACP awards, New York
    Best Illustrated Book, 2012 Australian Book Industry Awards
    Finalist, Andre Simon 2012 Book Awards, London

    Pages: 400
    Dimension: 275mm X 210mm
    • Price: $49.99
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    India: an explosion of colour and light; of magic and chaos. A paradise for foodies and a feast for every sense. The depth and variety of food in India is incredible and this guidebook should be your starting point for your own gastronomic adventures. Indians are renowned for their generosity and hospitality, and the delights of travelling in India are infinite. You could be invited to share home-cooked food at the family table in a private house, savour delectable snacks from a street vendor, or experience the thrill of an early-morning train ride with the ubiquitous cup of chai. Each chapter contains essential sights, local eats, top places to stay and the best places to shop. This personal tour from well-loved chef Christine Manfield is the result of years exploring India, the Himalayas and Bhutan - the perfect companion for travellers who want to find the really special places to eat and stay. Chapters cover a large region of India, including most states, such as Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Gurjarat as well as Bhutan and the Himalayas. Many of the capital cities are also visited, like Bombay (Mumbai), Dehli, Chennai, Goa, Lucknow, Calcutta (Kolkata), as well as many more off the beaten track. Review for Tasting India Tasting India is a divine tribute to this fascinating country. - Weekend Australian, 22 October 2011

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    Publication date: 01/09/2017

    A diverse and generous group of Australian chefs and cooks share their essential recipes

    Created in conjunction with ABC TV, Short Cuts to Glory is the ultimate cookbook for anyone leaving home, becoming independent, or just wanting to impress with minimal kitchen stress.

    A diverse and generous group of Australian chefs and cooks share their essential recipes, along with step-by-step tips methods and plenty of tips and tricks to help inexperienced home cooks create the best-ever version, plus some variations for good measure. Structured in themed chapters such as ‘The Basics’, ‘Last Minute Meals’, ‘Date Night’ and ‘Feed and Army’ to reflect the TV series, which will be aired over 10 weeks on ABC2, starting in October 2017.

    Contributors, many with a massive media presence, include: Adriana Zumbo, Miguel Maestre, Colin Fassnidge, Neil Perry, Justine Schofield, Hayden Quinn, Tom Walton, Christine Manfield, Giovanni Pilu, Monday Morning Cooking Club, Jill Dupleix, Martin Boetz, Stefano Manfredi, Mark Best, Brigitte Hafner, Bernard Chu.

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    Dimension: 230mm X 200mm
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    Price: $29.99