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  • Work in Progress Journal Recipes and Snapshots (Year at Noma) 3 Volume Set

    Work in Progress Journal Recipes and Snapshots (Year at Noma) 3 Volume Set
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    ISBN: 9780714866918
    Publication date: 15/10/2013

    To be published late October 2013
    Journal - 175 x 220 mm
    Recipes - 220 x 267 mm
    Snapshots - 90 x 140
    648 pp (total page count for three volumes)
    300 colour illustrations
    An unprecedented insight into the inner workings of restaurant Noma and its highly creative team of chefs.
    Contains a 60,000 word journal touching upon food and cooking, plus themes of more general appeal such as creativity, ambition and collaboration.
    Contains over 100 new recipes from the world's best restaurant accompanied by images by acclaimed photographer, Ditte Isager,
    Contains never before seen behind the scenes candid imagery of Rene Redzepi and his team.

    Pages: 648
    Dimension: 267mm X 220mm
    Author: REDZEPI, RENE
    • Price: $75.00
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    ISBN: 9780714859033
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    Voted #2 Worlds Best Restaurant 2019.
    René Redzepi has been widely credited with re-inventing Nordic cuisine. His Copenhagen restaurant, Noma, was recognized as the best in the world by the San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurant awards in 2010 and received the unique 'Chef's Choice' award at the same ceremony in 2009. Redzepi operates at the cutting edge of gourmet cuisine, combining an unrelenting creativity and a remarkable level of craftsmanship with an inimitable and innate knowledge of the produce of his Nordic terroir.
    Featuring over 90 of Redzepi's recipes, a foreword by artist Olafur Eliasson, an introduction by Danish food journalist Rune Skyum-Nielsen, a look at the history, background and workings of Noma, and accompanied by beautiful photography, the book is a detailed showcase of the spectacular and unique Noma, and Redzepi's deep connection with Nordic cuisine.

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    Scandinavian Cookbook A Year in Food and Pictures
    Scandinavian Cookbook A Year in Food and Pictures
    ISBN: 9781844006137

    Features a collection of 100 delicious recipes representing the essence of Scandinavian cooking. Divided by months, each chapter in this title contains 10 recipes which highlight the seasonal recipes from January's Danish Pastries and Citrus Marinated Salmon, through to April's Rack of Lamb Stuffed with Mint and Dried Apricot.

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    Voted #68 Worlds Best Restaurants 2019
    An exclusive insight into one of the worlds most interesting restaurants, Faviken Magasinet, and its remarkable head chef Magnus Nilsson (b.1984)
    Contains over 100 recipes, including recipes for simple basics such as pickles, yoghurt and bread, as well as dishes created by Nilsson and served at Faviken Restaurant.
    Reveals Nilsson's natural and intuitive approach to working with the produce available in the environment around him, and how he creates a seasonal cycle of menus based on them.
    Accessible narrative texts, beautiful photography and detailed recipes will inspire all cooks and food lovers to think differently about the ingredients that are available to them.
    Over 220 colour illustrations.

    Pages: 272
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    Scandilicious Baking
    Scandilicious Baking
    ISBN: 9781444734676
    Publication date: 01/08/2012

    Discover the secrets of great baking with Scandilicious flair...Scandinavian baking is among the best in the world. Deeply ingrained in the culture, it is a distinctive part of the Nordic identity, history and well-being. Welcome to a place where cakes made with real butter are celebrated rather than feared, where entire festivals are dedicated to baking and where it is believed there is nothing quite like the thrill of making one's own bread, Christmas biscuits or cardamom buns. Following on from the success of SECRETS OF SCANDINAVIAN COOKING...SCANDILICIOUS, Signe Johansen shares with us a mouth-watering selection of traditional and modern baked treats. Think moreish musli bread hot from the oven; pumpkin, cheese and sage muffins that pack a real flavour punch; and irresistable redcurrant mazarin tart or upside-down blueberry cake - perfect for summer entertaining.

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    Cook It Raw
    Cook It Raw
    ISBN: 9780714865492
    Publication date: 06/03/2013

    Cook it Raw tells the story of four unique dinners that saw some of the worlds most cutting edge chefs come together to explore social cultural and environmental issues through food.
    The book chronicles the dinners through commentaries anecdotes candid interviews and 400 never before seen images of the 'Raw' chefs.
    Includes contributions from leading food writers such as Anthony Bourdain, Jeffrey Steingarten and Andrea Petrini.
    The chefs who make up Cook It Raw are Rene Redzepi, Alex Atala, David Chang, Massimo Bottura, Pascal Barbot, Claude Bosi, Albert Adria, Daniel Patterson, Inaki Aizpitarte, Magnus Nilsson, Mark Best, Ben Shewry, Fredrik Andersson, Sean Brock, Quique Dacosta, Mauro Colagreco, Alexandrre Gauthier, Ichiro Kubota, Yoshihiro Narisawa, Petter Nilsson, Davide Scabin, Kondo Takahiko, Yoji Tokuyoshi, Hans Valimaki and Joachim Wissler.
    Cook It Raw's founder, Alessandro Porcelli, is the book's curator. Alessandro lives in Cophenhagen where he's the director of Nordic Gourmet Tour - a successful food events company. Alessandro will write the book's introduction with additional contributions from leading food writers.

    Pages: 240
    Dimension: 290mm X 250mm
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    Coi Stories and Recipes
    Coi Stories and Recipes
    ISBN: 9780714865904
    Publication date: 01/09/2013

    To be published: September 2013
    Daniel Patterson is the head chef of Coi, a restaurant in San Francisco, California. At Coi, Patterson mixes modern culinary techniques with local, wild and cultivated ingredients to create highly original dishes that speak of place, memory and emotion. It's an approach that has won him two Michelin stars and a worldwide reputation for pioneering a new kind of California cuisine.
    Coi, the cookbook tells the story of restaurant its dishes and Patterson's philosophy. Beginning with a look at California - how Patterson arrived there an its influence on Coi - the book takes the reader into the Coi kitchen, and through an eleven course Coi tasting menu. It does so by way of a series of short essays, each comprised of an engaging text and narrative recipe, which reveal the story and inspiration behind the restaurant's creative dishes. The stories behind a further fifty selected dishes are also narrated, and are accompanied by conversational recipes.
    The book includes 150 specially commissioned colour photographs showing the finished dishes as well as atmospheric images of the restaurant, the California landscape and portraits of Coi's staff and suppliers.

    Daniel Patterson was born in Massachusetts and moved to California in 1989, where he now has three restaurants: Coi (2006), Plum (2010) and Haven (2012). At Coi, Patterson mixed modern culinary techniques with local and cultivated ingredients to create highly original dishes that speak of place, memory and emotion.

    Pages: 304
    Dimension: 290mm X 214mm
    Price: $59.99
    ISBN: 9781607743972
    Publication date: 10/10/2013

    Voted #90 Best Restaurants of the World 2017
    The long-awaited cookbook by one of the San Francisco Bay Area's star chefs, David Kinch, who has revolutionized restaurant culture with his take on the farm-to-table ethic and focus on the terroir of the Northern California coast. Since opening Manresa in Los Gatos in 2002, award-winning Chef David Kinch has done more to create a sense of place through his food--specifically that of Northern California, where the Santa Cruz Mountains meet the sea--than any other chef at his level. Rather than buy his ingredients from a network of local producers, he closed the loop between farm and table by partnering with nearby Love Apple Farms, which grows almost 100 percent of his produce year round. Kinch's interpretation of these ingredients, drawing on his 30 years in restaurants as well as his far-flung and well-fed travels, are at the heart of the Manresa experience. In Manresa, Chef Kinch details his thoughts on building a dish: the creativity, experimentation and emotion that go into developing each plate and daily menu--and how a tasting menu ultimately tells a deeper story. A literary snapshot of the restaurant, from Chef Kinch's inspirations to his techniques, this book celebrates the creativity behind the food of Manresa and its profound connection to the land and sea of Northern California.

    Pages: 336
    Dimension: 293mm X 245mm
    Price: $85.00