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  • Food of Spain
    Food of Spain
    ISBN: 9780718157197
    Publication date: 01/03/2012

    In The Food of Spain, Claudia Roden, the James Beard award-winning author of the classics A Book of Middle Eastern Food and The Book of Jewish Food, and one of our foremost authorities on Mediterranean, North African, and Italian cooking, brings her incomparable authenticity, vision, and immense knowledge to bear in this cookbook on the cuisines of Spain.

    New York Times bestselling cookbook author Claudia Roden believes that through food a cook can reconstruct an entire world. And in her classic A Book of Middle Eastern Food–eight hundred recipes long, a treasure trove of folk tales, proverbs, stories, poetry, and local history–that's just what she did. Historian and critic Simon Schama has said of her that "Claudia Roden is no more a simple cookbook writer than Marcel Proust was a biscuit baker." The Book of Jewish Food, another classic, is equally magnificent in its span, a cookbook that is also a history of Jewish life and settlement, told through the story of what Jews ate, and where, and why, and how they made it.

    Now, in The Food of Spain, Claudia Roden applies that same remarkable insight, scope, and authority to a cuisine marked by its regionalism and suffused with an unusually particular culinary history. In hundreds of exquisite recipes, Roden explores both the little known and the classic dishes of Spain–from Andalusia to Asturias, from Catalonia to Galicia. And whether she's writing about smoky, nutty Catalan Romesco sauce, Cordero a la Miel–sweet and hot tender lamb stew with honey–or the iconic, emblematic national dish of Spain, saffron-perfumed Paella Valenciana, her clear, elegant, humorous, and passionate voice is a reader's delight, a guide not only to delicious food but to the peoples and cultures that produced it.

    Both comprehensive and timeless, The Food of Spain is one of the most important books on this tremendous cuisine to appear in the last fifty years. A classic in the making, it is an essential work not only for fans of Spanish and Mediterranean food but for every serious cook as well as discerning armchair travelers.

    Helps you to discover Spain's culture and cuisine. This book takes in the different regions and looks at the history, the people and the culture at the heart of this country, and at that which binds it all together - the delicious food and recipes passed down through generations.

    Pages: 402
    Author: RODEN, CLAUDIA
    Price: $65.00
  • From the Source Spain
    From the Source Spain
    ISBN: 9781760340766
    Publication date: 01/09/2016

    Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet presents Spain's most authentic dishes - direct from the kitchens where they were perfected. From family bakers to Michelin-starred chefs, Spain's best local cooks share their passion for food and their region's classic recipes - from tapas, pastries and cakes to soup, salads, stews, roasts and fresh seafood dishes. Recipes include: * Escalivada - chargrilled vegetable salad * Lubina a la Mallorquina - Mallorcan-style sea bream * Paella Valenciana - chicken and rabbit paella * Cochinillo - suckling pig * Lechazo - roast lamb * Churros - fried dough sticks with chocolate * Pintxos - Basque tapas * Fabada Asturiana - Asturian bean stew * Gazpacho - chilled tomato soup * Tarta de Santiago - St James cake And more! In recent years regional Spanish cuisine has won attention and praise thanks to award-winning restaurants in Catalonia and the Basque Country (some of these restaurants are featured in From the Source Spain). Food in Spain is very closely connected to the country's regions, with local specialities based on regional ingredients, whether that's seafood, meat or vegetables.As a result, there's no better way of of getting to know Spanish culture than through its food (and wine). From the Source Spain is the key that unlocks Spain's culinary secrets. With 60 recipes by leading local chefs, it takes us through this fascinating country, rich in history. We travel from Barcelona's fashionable bars for Catalan cooking to the getaway island of Mallorca (home of unique black pigs), then to the central heartlands around Madrid where tasty stews and roast lamb dominate. In the northwest regions of the Basque country, Asturias and Galicia, we discover Spain's most adventurous and contemporary cooking, as ambitious chefs conjure up new twists on classic dishes. And in the sun-drenched south of Spain we encounter interesting flavours and reminders of the Moors. Hailed as 'a future classic', this series of books connects home cooks with the traditions of each country's regions. There are dishes for every ability, from artful pintxos snacks to simple and filling stews and soups. There is no better way to recapture those travel memories than by exploring this book. Every recipe features an expertly written introduction and amazing and original on-site photography.Meet the chefs, encounter the region and history, see the food, and try the recipe! Also check out: *From the Source - Japan *From the Source - Italy *From the Source - Thailand

    Pages: 272
    Dimension: 240mm X 185mm
    Price: $34.99
  • Il Buco Stories and Recipes
    Il Buco Stories and Recipes
    ISBN: 9780062958389
    Publication date: 01/02/2021

    Foreword by Alice Waters In honor of its twenty-fifth anniversary comes this full-color culinary celebration of Il Buco, one of New York City's most beloved restaurants, featuring more than 80 mouthwatering recipes and detailing the romantic origins of the restaurant's philosophy of sourcing the best prime materials, including olive oil, salt, vinegar and all that make the Mediterranean way of life so alluring. "This book holds the succulent substance of Il Buco's history, which has always been guided by Donna's acute intuition. Through these pages, we travel around the Mediterranean, from the vineyards of Umbria to the salt flats of Sicily, visiting the farmers, artisans, and winemakers in their element. And then we return to Bond Street, stories and recipes in hand, to celebrate life and everything possible at the melting edge of sizzling pans and the heart of Italy."-Francis MallmannIn New York City, restaurants, even very good ones, come and go. But there are a very small number of establishments that take root and continue to flourish, where food, wine, atmosphere, history, and all the makers behind the scenes come together in a unique alchemy to create an experience. Il Buco is such a place. For over 25 years, Donna Lennard has presided over an international-and ever growing-family of artisans, farmers, winemakers, chefs and regulars from her outpost on Bond Street in the heart of New York City. Since 1994, Il Buco has withstood the test of time.In Il Buco, written with Joshua David Stein, Donna shares her incredible journey from antique shop owner to award-winning restaurateur and taste-maker. She reflects on the iconic ingredient-driven, farm-to-table Italian cooking that seduced palates and earned the loyalty of notoriously discriminating New York diners. Donna also expounds upon the essential elements of good eating and good living she learned over the restaurant's nearly three-decade history. Both a cookbook and a deeply personal journey through the places and with the people who have influenced the restaurant's ethos the most, Il Buco includes the beloved best-of dishes from the kitchen's roster of now-famous chefs: Ignacio Mattos's Black Kale Salad, Justin Smillie's Bucatini Cacio e Pepe, and Sara Jenkins's Porchetta alla Romana, to name a few. It also includes profiles of the artisans whose craftsmanship evokes the warm Mediterranean patinas that have enhanced the restaurants' atmosphere over the years.Donna has dedicated her life to identifying, cultivating, and celebrating the essential ingredients of a beautiful life well-lived. Il Buco isn't just a place, it's a feeling-of warmth, of home, of ease, of love-and Il Buco allows any home cook to experience some of the restaurant's beautiful and inviting magic, creating sumptuous easy meals to enjoy at his or her own table. Accompanying the mouthwatering recipes and gorgeous photography are Donna's insights on what it truly means to live well and to eat well and tributes to food producers in Spain, Italy, France and other parts of the world, including dedicated chapters on the building blocks to a perfect meal: salt, olive oil, wine, and salumi, among others.Il Buco is a very personal exploration of what makes the heart of a restaurant and a lifestyle: a celebration of a true New York success story. It is a book about learning to listen to what pleases us, and a reminder of just how wide, wonderful, and flavorful the world is. Il Buco Locations:Il Buco (47 Bond Street, NYC 10012)Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria (53 Great Jones Street, NYC 10012)Il Buco Vita (4 East 2nd Street, NYC 10003)Il Buco (Ibiza, Spain)

    Pages: 320
    Author: LENNARD, DONNA
    Price: $99.99
  • Islas Food of the Spanish Islands
    Islas Food of the Spanish Islands
    ISBN: 9781925811261
    Publication date: 01/10/2019

    This beautifully photographed cookbook takes you to the villages, homes, beaches, and hillsides of this yet-to-be-discovered region of the Mediterranean.

    Isla is the first comprehensive cookbook to capture and celebrate the cuisine of Spain's Mediterranean islands Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, and Formentera. With influences from the Spanish mainland regions Catalonia and Valencia, and from places further afield including Sicily, Sardinia, and the south of France, Isla invites you on a culinary journey to discover some of the Mediterranean's most authentic cuisines that are at once familiar and unique.

    With stunning food photography showcasing the coastlines and interiors of these historic islands, stories on traditional recipes and one hundred simple and authentic recipes, this book is not only for lovers of Spanish food but any fan of Mediterranean cuisine.

    Alongside these authentic recipes are beautiful spreads on local ingredients, cooking secrets, and dishes that have rarely been shared outside this part of the Mediterranean. Each chapter celebrates a different landscape--think mountains, the coast, and humble villages. This spectrum of flavor and soul is indicative of the food (and incredible lifestyle) from the Spanish islands.

    Pages: 280
    Dimension: 280mm X 200mm
    Author: WARREN, EMMA
    Price: $49.99
  • Joel Serras Modern Spanish Kitchen
    Joel Serras Modern Spanish Kitchen
    ISBN: 9781472140265
    Publication date: 10/10/2017

    'Food is not what you cook, but what you make others taste.'Joel Serra Bevin was born in New Zealand and grew up in Tasmania. Inspired by his Catalan great-grandfather, Papa Serra, Joel moved to Barcelona where he has immersed himself in his much-loved Spanish food and cooking. Joel brings a vibrant, fresh approach to traditional Spanish dishes. He is obsessed with new flavour combinations, unusual preparations and loves to create magic for whoever joins him around the table. These eighty recipes offer both a beginner's guide to eating and drinking like a local in Barcelona and Spain, with fresh takes on Spanish favourites such as Fideua with Squid Ink, Allioli, Pulpo Gallego and Leche Merengada, as well as plenty of inspiration for those looking to experiment. While not stinting on classic dishes for those new to Spanish food, Joel also reinvents Catalan classics such as Membrillo-Roasted Pumpkin with Almond Cream, and Green Gazpacho with Sumac Yogurt. As Joel says, 'Food always tastes better when shared, so pull up a seat and join the feast.'

    Pages: 208
    Author: SERRA, JOEL
    Price: $45.00
  • La Paella
    La Paella
    ISBN: 9781788792363
    Publication date: 13/09/2020

    Enjoy the true taste of Spain and explore this fascinating country’s love affair with paella and the deliciously diverse ways in which rice and noodles are used in a multitude of unmissable dishes.

    Rice is a wonderfully versatile ingredient, and Spanish cooks transform it into an array of dishes from simple comfort food to grand feasts to be shared on special occasions. This book brings together delicious rice dishes from all over Spain, from regional classics that are enjoyed around the world to unusual local specialities. Also included are recipes for the lesser-known fideua, a dish originally from the coast of Valencia that is very similar to paella but made with snipped vermicelli noodles rather than rice. There is something for every taste here, with recipes containing meat, poultry, fish and shellfish, as well as some tempting vegetarian and vegan options to choose from. Learn how to make a show-stopping Paella Valenciana (Valencian paella) or a Paella de Marisco y Chorizo (Seafood paella with chorizo), or Fideua Negra (squid ink noodles) and how to make the most of tasty ingredients like garlic, saffron and smoked paprika in your cooking. As well as traditional regional dishes, there are also other styles of rice dishes to try, such as Arroz Caldoso con Almejas (Clam soup) or Arroz al Horno con Garbanzos y Pasas (Baked rice with chickpeas and raisins). Lovers of authentic Spanish food will not be disappointed!

    Pages: 128
    Dimension: 210mm X 170mm
    Price: $24.99
  • Lisbon Recipes from the Heart of Portugal
    Lisbon Recipes from the Heart of Portugal
    ISBN: 9781784881030
    Publication date: 01/07/2017

    Accessible and authentic recipes from the beautiful Portuguese capital. Full of history, great food, and bursting with character, Portugal's capital is one of Europe's most charming cities. In Lisbon, Rebecca Seal shares her favorite recipes, inspired by her travels. Set on seven hills, Lisbon features world-class beaches, city views, and wild forests. And the food is as diverse as the surroundings--there's so much more to it than just cod and custard tarts. Featuring over 80 accessible recipes based on traditional Portuguese cuisine, including Caldo Verde (kale soup), Ameijoas a Bulhao Pato (clams in white wine and garlic), and pesticos (Portuguese tapas). From the bars of Bairro Alto to the cafes in Chiado, there's something for everyone. All set to the stunning backdrop of eighteenth century buildings, ornate churches, nostalgic trams, and pastel-colored houses, Lisbon is a stunning cookbook

    Pages: 256
    Dimension: 254mm X 177mm
    Author: SEAL, REBECCA
    Price: $45.00
  • Little Spanish Cookbook More Than 80 Delicious Recipes
    Little Spanish Cookbook More Than 80 Delicious Recipes
    ISBN: 978174330279
    Publication date: 01/12/2013

    Explore the unique characteristics of Spanish food with more than 100 simple and delicious recipes in The Little Spanish Cookbook. Dishes include tapas, soups and stews, seafood specialties, egg and vegetable dishes and sweets and pastries, with each recipe selected to best reflect the unique characteristics of the country's cuisine. The Little Spanish Cookbook also includes special sections demonstrating how geography, climate, culture and tradition have made Spanish cuisine what it is today. Lavishly illustrated with location photographs and images of the finished dishes, The Little Spanish Cookbook will give you a thorough understanding and appreciation of authentic Spanish cooking.

    Pages: 192
    Author: MISC
    Price: $19.99
  • Little Taste of Spain
    Little Taste of Spain
    ISBN: 9781741969627
    Publication date: 01/06/2010

    Each title in the "A Little Taste of..." series is both a cookbook and a photographic essay of people and places. The series encapsulates the flavours of the world's most exciting and popular cuisines and explores the colourful settings in which food is sourced, cooked and enjoyed. Each book contains a selection of authentic recipes suitable for the home cook.

    Pages: 256
    Dimension: 200mm X 185mm
    Author: MURDOCH
    Price: $29.99
  • Miguels Tapas
    Miguels Tapas
    ISBN: 9781742575438
    Publication date: 01/05/2014

    Miguel has brought his energy and passion to his book Miguel's Tapas. The seving of tapas is designed to encourage conversations and Miguel brings us authentic tapas for all times of the day from his native Spain.

    Pages: 160
    Price: $45.00
  • Modern Gastronomy A-Z
    Modern Gastronomy A-Z
    ISBN: 9781439812457
    Publication date: 01/02/2010

    Tickets voted #20 Worlds Best Restaurants 2019
    Everything you need to know about the science of cooking – terminology, ingredients and reactions – all in an accessible A to Z format from the master Ferran Adria (ElBulli – World’s Best Restaurant).

    Dimension: 236mm X 159mm
    Author: ADRIA, FERRAN
    Price: $133.00
  • Movida
    ISBN: 9781921259395
    Publication date: 01/11/2007

    "Restaurateur Frank Camorra shares his passion for Spanish food in MoVida. With 116 delicious recipes and useful information about Spanish ingredients and cooking methods, MoVida captures the essence and exuberance of Spanish cuisine. Chapters include Back to Basics, Tapas, Soups, Eggs, Fish and Seafood, Vegetables, Rice, Poultry, Meat, Small Goods, Desserts, Pastries and Drinks. Chapters and recipes are accompanied by anintroduction from Frank, highlighting a particular ingredient, a traditional cooking method, personal anecdotes or cultural or historical observations."

    Price: $59.99
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