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  • Roast Figs and Sugar Snow
    Roast Figs and Sugar Snow
    ISBN: 9781840008883
    Publication date: 01/11/2005

    - AVAILABLE NOW -An irresistible collection of warming dishes from North America and the colder countries of Northern Europe. Classic ingredients such as nutty-fleshed pumpkins, earthy wild mushrooms and pungent cheeses sit alongside less commonly

    Dimension: 241mm X 227mm
    Author: HENRY, DIANA
    Price: $49.95
  • Roast Figs, Sugar Snow
    Roast Figs, Sugar Snow
    ISBN: 9781845334529
    Publication date: 01/10/2008

    The author has spent 5 years travelling and eating in search of the tastiest dishes from the snowiest climes, resulting in an irresistible collection of dishes from North America and Northern Europe. This unique collection of recipes celebrates some of the world s most overlooked cuisines by using produce that can be found on our own doorsteps. There are potato and cheese dishes from Italy s skiing slopes, pastries from the coffee houses of Vienna and Budapest, and little appetizers that have been eaten at Russian celebrations since the days of the Tsar. These recipes will bring warmth to your heart as well as your home.

    Pages: 192
    Dimension: 253mm X 198mm
    Author: HENRY, DIANA
    Price: $32.99
  • 101 Things I Learned In Culinary School (Second Edition)
    101 Things I Learned In Culinary School (Second Edition)
    ISBN: 9781524761943
    Publication date: 01/07/2020

    An informative, illustrated guide to food, cooking, and the culinary profession by a former White House chef--now in a revised second edition featuring 50% new material

    "This book is all meat with no fat. . . . Sure to surprise and enlighten even the most informed gourmands."--Publishers Weekly (starred review), on the first edition of 101 Things I Learned in Culinary School A chef must master countless techniques, memorize a mountain of information, and maintain a Zen master's calm. This book illuminates the path to becoming a culinary professional by sharing important kitchen fundamentals and indispensable advice, including - practical how-tos, from holding a knife to calibrating a thermometer to creating a compost pile
    - ways to emphasize, accent, deepen, and counterpoint flavors
    - why we prefer a crisp outside and tender inside in most foods
    - understanding wine labels and beer basics
    - how to narrow innumerable culinary options to a manageable few, whether selecting knives, oils, thickeners, flours, potatoes, rice, or salad greens
    - how a professional kitchen is organized and managed to maintain its mission Written by a culinary professor and former White House chef, 101 Things I Learned in Culinary School is a concise, highly readable resource for culinary students, home chefs, casual foodies, and anyone else trying to find their way around--or simply into--the kitchen.

    Pages: 216
    Dimension: 127mm X 178mm
    Author: EGUARAS, LOUIS
    Price: $31.99
  • 30 Years At Ballymaloe
    30 Years At Ballymaloe
    ISBN: 9780857832078
    Publication date: 01/08/2014

    When Ballymaloe’s doors opened to students in 1983 there were 15 courses available. Now there are over 100, reflected in the recipes collected here, including curing meat, making gluten-free meals and sushi as well as learning forgotten skills like producing butter and cheese and beekeeping.
    The book chronicles how the school has been at the forefront of cooking and food trends since its inception, from Darina’s championing of the Slow Food movement and her highlighting the importance of using local, seasonal and fresh produce to installing a wood-burning oven and expanding its gardens so students can learn the importance of eating less meat and more veg and preserving heirloom varieties of produce.
    A fascinating insight into Ballymaloe, this is also a history of food over the past thirty years, from a time when Darina couldn’t get anything other than pre-packaged, grated Parmesan cheese to one where a local producer makes his own mozzarella.

    Darina Allen is Ireland’s best-known food ambassador and the bestselling author of Irish Traditional Cooking, Ballymaloe Cookery Course, A Year at Ballymaloe and Forgotten Skills of Cooking, which won the prestigious André Simon award in 2010 as well as the Listowel Food Fair Book of the Year Award. Her most recent book is 30 Years at Ballymaloe, which won the Avonmore Cookbook of the Year at the Irish Book Awards in 2013. She wrote for The Irish Times from 1990–1994 and has written a weekly food column for the Irish Examiner since 1998. Darina has presented nine series of her cookery programme, Simply Delicious, on television around the world. She runs the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Shanagarry, County Cork, which is situated in the middle of an 100-acre organic farm. In 2012 the Ballymaloe Cookery School was awarded the Good Food Ireland Cookery School of the Year. Darina is a tireless campaigner for local produce, setting up Ireland’s first farmers’ market. She has won many awards.

    Pages: 304
    Dimension: 270mm X 230mm
    Author: ALLEN, DARINA
    Price: $61.99
    ISBN: 9781844835904
    Publication date: 18/03/2008

    We all know that we need to eat our greens - and our reds, oranges and yellows. Our government, doctors and even chefs and food retailers tell us so, but it can seem hard to pack in different fruits and vegetables each day. This book presents 150 recipes, colour-coded in terms of their nutritional qualities.

    Pages: 144
    Dimension: 301mm X 181mm
    Price: $5.00
  • 5 Ingredients Quick and Easy Food
    5 Ingredients Quick and Easy Food
    ISBN: 9780718187729
    Publication date: 07/09/2017

    Coming: September 2017
    Cooking doesn't have to be complicated - that's why Jamie's Quick & Easy 5-Ingredient Food is sure to become your new best friend in the kitchen. It's all about making the journey to good food, super-simple. Every recipe uses just five key ingredients, ensuring you can get a plate of food together fast, whether it's finished and on the table super-quickly, or after minimal hands-on prep, you've let the oven do the hard work for you. We're talking quality over quantity, a little diligence on the cooking front, and in return massive flavour. Each recipe has been tried and tested (and tested again!) to ensure the book is packed with no-fuss, budget-friendly dishes that you can rustle up, any day of the week. With over 130 recipes, and chapters on Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Fish, Eggs, Veg, Salads, Pasta, Rice & Noodles and Sweet Things, there's plenty of quick and easy recipe inspiration to choose from. Think Roast tikka chicken - a whole bird rubbed with curry paste and roasted over golden potatoes and tender cauliflower, finished with fresh coriander. Or, Crazy simple fish pie - flaky smoked haddock, spring onions, spinach and melty Cheddar, all topped off with crisp, golden filo, and ready to tuck into in less than 30 minutes. With every recipe you'll find a visual ingredient guide, serving size, timings, a short, easy-to-follow method, and quick-reference nutritional information. This is Jamie's easiest-to-use book yet, and the perfect cookbook for busy people.

    Pages: 288
    Author: OLIVER, JAMIE
    Price: $49.99
  • 500 Hidden Secrets of London
    500 Hidden Secrets of London
    ISBN: 9789460581731
    Publication date: 01/08/2016

    An insider's guide to London and its hidden secrets and addresses
    An inspirational and practical guide to London's finest and most interesting places, buildings, restaurants, shops, museums, galleries, neighbourhoods, gardens and cafes
    A new edition in Luster's successful and attractive series of city guides
    Photography by Sam Mellish
    Where are the 5 best places to find street food? Which are the 5 best restaurants to grab your lunch at in Soho? Which pubs have the most amazing interiors? Where are the best places to discover vintage vinyl? Which are the most innovative theatre companies? Where will you find the most unusual museums? The best places for an outdoor swim?

    The 500 Hidden Secrets of London reveals these good-to-know places and many more. Discover a diverse range of under-the-radar yet outstanding addresses that will allow you to explore the best of the city away from the crowds. An affectionate and informed guide to London, written by a true local.

    Pages: 259
    Author: GREIG, TOM
    Price: $32.99
  • 7 Ways Easy Ideas for Every Day of the Week
    7 Ways Easy Ideas for Every Day of the Week
    ISBN: 9780241431153
    Publication date: 20/08/2020

    Jamie's looked at the top ingredients we buy week in, week out. We're talking about those meal staples we pick up without thinking - chicken breasts, salmon fillets, mince, eggs, potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, to name but a few. We're all busy, but that shouldn't stop us from having a tasty, nutritious meal after a long day at work or looking after the kids. So, rather than trying to change what we buy, Jamie wants to give everyone new inspiration for their favourite supermarket ingredients.

    Jamie will share 7 achievable, exciting and tasty ways to cook 18 of our favourite ingredients, and each recipe will include a minimal amount of ingredients. Across the book, at least 70% of the recipes will be everyday options from both an ease and nutritional point of view, meaning yo' re covered for every day of the week. With everything from fakeaways and traybakes to family and freezer favourites, yo' ll find bags of inspiration to help you mix things up in the kitchen.

    Step up, 7 Ways, the most reader-focused cookbook Jamie has ever written.

    Pages: 320
    Dimension: 230mm X 196mm
    Author: OLIVER, JAMIE
    Price: $49.99
    ISBN: 9780563522904
    Publication date: 01/03/2007

    Contains about 80 low-fat recipes. This book includes Jalapeno tiger-prawn ginger skewers and Peri peri pork medallions and lemon. It also features a special section on puddings.

    Pages: 192
    Price: $27.95
  • Appetite
    ISBN: 9781841154701
    Publication date: 01/12/2009

    Bestselling cookery writer Nigel Slater's mantra is 'recipes don't rule'. 'Appetite' is the revolutionary book that will help all cooks to have fun making anything from a baked potato to Christmas dinner. Inspiring and irresistible, 'Appetite' takes a hundred simple classics and casts aside the insecurities of normal recipes. Ingredients are listed, followed by a suggestion of how much you might need, i.e. 'double cream -- start with 100 ml then see how you go'. Readers will be liberated to use their own judgement, indeed actively encouraged to skip half the ingredients for pared-down versions that will teach them the essence of a dish. Recipe titles reflect this approach -- 'a cheap spaghetti supper', 'a big pork roast', 'a curry to make you sweat'. Slater's typically unpretentious style and ready wit put the fun back into food in this beautifully illustrated book. The first half is packed with instructive, funky photographs and covers all the basics -- from 'getting rid of the three-course-meal tyranny' to 'why junk food is so delicious'. A long and helpful section will tell you where to get hold of everything worth eating. Written partly for the non-cook, this will be varied enough to attract more experienced cooks and people who bought 'Real Food' and want another helping.

    Author: SLATER, NIGEL
    Price: $39.99
  • Art of Eating Well
    Art of Eating Well
    ISBN: 9780091958329
    Publication date: 01/07/2014

    Suitable for anyone who wishes to feel better, lose weight or have more energy, this title includes over 150 recipes - all of which are free from grain, gluten, refined sugar, high starch and are alkaline friendly.

    Price: $49.99
  • Art of the Party
    Art of the Party
    ISBN: 9781784724634
    Publication date: 01/07/2018

    'Kay can cook - but she can shake a damn fine cocktail too.' - Heston Blumenthal Kay Plunkett-Hogge demonstrates that entertaining need not be stressful with more than 90 deliciously simple recipes for cocktails and finger food that can easily be scaled up and made in advance. Kay draws on her own party-planning experience to help you be the perfect host, with handy tips on everything from guest list to painless clean-up. Features favourite recipes from three of Kay's previous books, including the award-winning Make Mine A Martini, as well as new creations such as Mini Cornbreads with Bacon, Chilli and Cheese, Smoked Mackerel Pate and Scandinavian Glogg.

    Pages: 176
    Price: $22.99
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