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  • Cook It Raw

    Cook It Raw
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    ISBN: 9780714865492
    Publication date: 06/03/2013

    Cook it Raw tells the story of four unique dinners that saw some of the worlds most cutting edge chefs come together to explore social cultural and environmental issues through food.
    The book chronicles the dinners through commentaries anecdotes candid interviews and 400 never before seen images of the 'Raw' chefs.
    Includes contributions from leading food writers such as Anthony Bourdain, Jeffrey Steingarten and Andrea Petrini.
    The chefs who make up Cook It Raw are Rene Redzepi, Alex Atala, David Chang, Massimo Bottura, Pascal Barbot, Claude Bosi, Albert Adria, Daniel Patterson, Inaki Aizpitarte, Magnus Nilsson, Mark Best, Ben Shewry, Fredrik Andersson, Sean Brock, Quique Dacosta, Mauro Colagreco, Alexandrre Gauthier, Ichiro Kubota, Yoshihiro Narisawa, Petter Nilsson, Davide Scabin, Kondo Takahiko, Yoji Tokuyoshi, Hans Valimaki and Joachim Wissler.
    Cook It Raw's founder, Alessandro Porcelli, is the book's curator. Alessandro lives in Cophenhagen where he's the director of Nordic Gourmet Tour - a successful food events company. Alessandro will write the book's introduction with additional contributions from leading food writers.

    Pages: 240
    Dimension: 290mm X 250mm
    • Price: $59.99
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    ISBN: 9780714859033
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    Voted #2 Worlds Best Restaurant 2019.
    René Redzepi has been widely credited with re-inventing Nordic cuisine. His Copenhagen restaurant, Noma, was recognized as the best in the world by the San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurant awards in 2010 and received the unique 'Chef's Choice' award at the same ceremony in 2009. Redzepi operates at the cutting edge of gourmet cuisine, combining an unrelenting creativity and a remarkable level of craftsmanship with an inimitable and innate knowledge of the produce of his Nordic terroir.
    Featuring over 90 of Redzepi's recipes, a foreword by artist Olafur Eliasson, an introduction by Danish food journalist Rune Skyum-Nielsen, a look at the history, background and workings of Noma, and accompanied by beautiful photography, the book is a detailed showcase of the spectacular and unique Noma, and Redzepi's deep connection with Nordic cuisine.

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    Voted #95 Worlds Best Restaurant 2017
    Publication Date: October 2010
    From the culinary genius Peter Gilmore, one of the top 50 chefs in the world, comes this eagerly-anticipated book. Quay's stunning design and photography perfectly echoes Peter's nature-based philosophy and the organic presentation that is synonymous with the fine dining experience at Quay. Peter's recipes, including the irresistible eight-textured chocolate cake and his signature iridescent sea pearls, will take you on an inspirational adventure, exploring flavour, texture and technique. Start with a single component, build to a show-stopping dish, or simply enjoy the visual and culinary journey.

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    Author: GILMORE, PETER
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    ISBN: 9781906650353
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    Voted #76 Worlds Best Restaurants 2019 (Momofuku Ko)
    From David Chang, currently the hottest chef in the culinary world, comes this his first book, written with "New York Times" food critic Peter Meehan, packed full of ingeniously creative recipes. Already a sensational world star, Chang produces a buzzing fusion of Korean/Asian and Western cuisine, creating a style of food which defies easy categorisation. That it is fantastic, there is no doubt, and that it is eminently cookable, there is also no doubt! In the words of Chang himself, it is 'Bad pseudo-fusion cuisine'. The vibrant, urban feel of the book is teamed perfectly with clear and insightful writing that is both witty and accessible. Backed by undeniably informed technique and a clearly passionate advocation of cutting-edge fusion cooking, Chang's "Momofuku" is a stunning, no-holds barred, debut. The epitome of no-holds barred fusion food, beloved by most foodies on the planet, lauded by the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Martha Stewart...the inimitable David Chang will be over in the UK to promote the book on publication.

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    Momofuku Milkbar
    Momofuku Milkbar
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    Voted #76 Worlds Best Restaurant 2019 (Momofuku Ko)
    When David Chang opened his Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York in 2004 it was missing one thing - dessert. Dessert was just one of the many things that Chang didn't approve of! Dessert was for wimps (not the word he used!).
    Then he met Christina Tosi and realised that he was wrong - very wrong, but only because Tosi's take on dessert was so insanely brilliant, addictive and different. And so it came to pass that Tosi was producing amazing desserts for Chang's 2 star Michelin restaurant Momofuku Ko and rocking a nation with her extraordinary plates of sweet things.
    And then she asked Chang if he would back her in opening a Momofuku Milk Bar bakery, to be linked with the ever growing family of Momofukus, to produce amazing interpretations and creations of long loved recipes, based on childhood flavour memories and down-home classics. The Milk Bars were an instant hit and the recipes that came from them drew people from all over the USA and beyond to experience her unique, and often trademarked, creations.
    The recipes in Milk Bar are singular and without compare. And in a time when baking has found itself a new home in the hearts of the British public, this collection of recipes can only add to the passion. Momofuku Milk Bar reveals the recipes for the addictive cookies, pies, cakes, ice creams and cereal milk delights that have captivated a city and a nation. The recipes are all derived from ten mother recipes from which she works her legendary riffs - Crack Pie, Compost Cookie and Cereal Milk Ice Cream.

    Pages: 256
    Dimension: 254mm X 203mm
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    ISBN: 9780714863634
    Publication date: 26/04/2012

    Voted #7 Worlds Best Restaurant 2019
    The first-ever book in English on Mugaritz, the ground-breaking restaurant in the Basque country, northern Spain. Spain is a renowned centre of gastronomic creativity, and with his refined, intelligent cooking and inspired approach to creating new dishes, head chef AndoniAduriz is at the forefront of the movement. The book contains 70 definitive recipes and photographs for the signature dishes, as well as narrative texts explaining the creative development and innovations behind the exceptional food.

    José Luis López de Zubiria 's extraordinary food photographs in MUGARITZ has been awarded a major Spanish photography prize Un Lux de Oro presented by the AFP (Asociación de Fotografos Profesionales).

    Pages: 240
    Dimension: 279mm X 230mm
    Price: $75.00