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  • Yes, Chef A Memoir
    Yes, Chef A Memoir
    ISBN: 9780751552058
    Publication date: 01/07/2013

    Travel to Marcus Samuelsson's Red Rooster restaurant in Harlem and you will find a truly diverse, multiracial dining room - where presidents and prime ministers rub elbows with jazz musicians, aspiring artists, bus drivers and nurses. It is also a place where an orphan from Ethiopia, raised in Sweden, living in America, can finally feel at home. Samuelsson was only three years old when he, his mother, and his sister, all battling tuberculosis, walked seventy-five miles to a hospital in the Ethiopian capital city of Addis Adaba. Tragically, his mother succumbed to the disease shortly after she arrived, but Marcus and his sister recovered, and one year later they were welcomed into a new family in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was there that his new grandmother, Helga, sparked in him a lifelong passion for food - from a very early age, there was little question what Marcus was going to be when he grew up. He made his way to the US via some of the most demanding and cutthroat restaurants in Switzerland and France, taking in some gruelling stints on cruise ships before becoming executive chef at Aquavit in New York, where at the age of 24 he became the youngest chef ever to be awarded a coveted three-star rating from the New York Times. His profile has only continued to grow from there - he's cooked state dinners for Barack Obama, runs seven restaurants including the phenomenally popular Red Rooster in Harlem, and has appeared on numerous television shows including Top Chef Masters, which he won, beating 21 world-class chefs in the process. His profile is set to rise internationally as his reputation grows, and as his incredible story is told.

    Pages: 336
    Price: $30.99
    ISBN: 9781905490608
    Publication date: 01/10/2012

    Want to cook dinner for fifteen? Have fifty people for drinks and canapés? Feed your family comforting food at lunch time?Make an elegant dinner for eight? Transport quantities of food to a picnic so it doesn't spill and crumble?

    In You're All Invited, Margot Henderson, who cooks for between 30 to 200 people every day, shows you how: using her panache as a caterer for Arnold & Henderson and restaurateur at London's Rochelle Canteen, and drawing on her family life with Fergus Henderson and their three children, she provides 130 easy and delicious recipes for all occasions.

    There are ideas for breakfast that you can face making first thing in the morning (bacon buns, spicy eggs); recipes for lunch and supper whether it's delicious things on toast or warming soups and stews (chorizo and potato stew), or Sunday roasts with perfect gravy and vegetables for a lingering lunchtime spread.

    Forthright and refreshing, Margot advises on how to give a drinks party with a Negroni roar - the crescendo a party reaches when everyone's happily drinking cocktails and eating canapés - and gives tips on feasting as well as packing for a picnic (the joy of Tupperware, the heaven of Scotch eggs) and making a seaside barbecue.

    You're All Invited is all you need to make every meal an occasion to remember.

    Pages: 320
    Price: $45.00
  • Yum Universe Pantry to Plate
    Yum Universe Pantry to Plate
    ISBN: 9781615193400
    Publication date: 01/05/2017

    What are you craving? + what’s in your cupboard? = a plateful of YumUniverse goodness!

    It’s no secret that cooking at home is good for you – especially if you are trying to eat more plants (or less gluten), but cooking recipe after recipe can make a healthy lifestyle hard to stick to. Sometimes it’s nice to eat without planning (and shopping) ahead of time! Enter YumUniverse Pantry to Plate: Create Plant-Packed, Gluten-Free Meals You Love – With What You Have!

    In this one-of-a-kind recipe playbook, healthy living enthusiast Heather Crosby shares ingenious master recipes that home cooks can customise endlessly. For example, pick any grain, one or more veggies, and a complementary aromatic, sauté them together in your choice of sauces, and voilà!

    Pages: 320
    Price: $39.99
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