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  • Chefs Eat Toasties Too A pros guide to reinventing your sandwich game
    Chefs Eat Toasties Too A pros guide to reinventing your sandwich game
    ISBN: 9781743793053
    Publication date: 01/07/2017

    Chefs Eat Toasties Too is a celebration of that most enduring of comfort foods, the toasted sandwich - but taken to new heights by internationally renowned chef Darren Purchese. While crafting elaborate dessert and pastry confections by day, by night Darren secretly perfects the art of the toasted sandwich. In this book, he reveals 50 of his masterful creations: from the the perfect Maple Bacon, Pear & Camembert on Sourdough, to his Pulled Pork, Fennel Slaw & Chilli Mayo Sliders on Brioche Buns. He has also developed sweet recipes for the ultimate in comforting indulgence, such as Dark Chocolate, Olive Oil & Salt on Olive Bread, Apple, Vanilla & Lemon Parcels and Salted Caramel on Sourdough. For those wishing to take their toasties to truly cheffy heights, there are even recipes to make the condiments from scratch, including pear dressing, pickled onions & chutney, chilli caramelised onions, vanilla cherries and rose raspberries. Chefs Eat Toasties Too caters for all manner of cooking methods: from grill, to pan, to sandwich press, to oven. Now, the guiltiest foodie pleasure can be perfected with pride

    Pages: 176
    Dimension: 210mm X 170mm
    Price: $29.99
  • Cook Fast Eat Well 5 Ingredients 10 Minutes 160 Recipes
    Cook Fast Eat Well 5 Ingredients 10 Minutes 160 Recipes
    ISBN: 9781760522537
    Publication date: 01/07/2017

    While many cookbooks and cooking shows would have us think that cooking dinner involves long lists of ingredients and several hours of commitment in the kitchen, Sue Quinn proves that it really doesn't have to be that way. Here's how to prepare wonderful food quickly and easily with a handful of well-chosen ingredients. Tip One: Keep your pantry stocked with fresh pasta, jars of marinated vegetables, frozen fruit, punchy sauces, cans of passatta and excellent stock cubes or bouillon powders - all great short-cut ingredients that mean you can cook speedily without compromising on flavour. Tip Two: assemble all your ingredients and cooking utensils before you start cooking. There are 160 recipes all up, from plates to share and light bites, salads and soups, to pasta dishes, meat, poultry and seafood dishes and desserts.

    Pages: 256
    Dimension: 240mm X 190mm
    Author: QUINN, SUE
    Price: $35.00
  • I Quit Sugar Fast Family Meals
    I Quit Sugar Fast Family Meals
    ISBN: 9781925481280
    Publication date: 01/07/2017

    Sarah Wilson and her IQS team taught the world to quit sugar in eight weeks and then went on to teach everyone how to cook delicious essentials, simply. Sarah incorporates her mindful, sustainable and economical practices to show how to feed your family on any night of the week in a simple, healthy way. Here, she's compiled sugar-free recipes for the whole family to enjoy. Written with all the care and expertise you have come to expect from Sarah and her I Quit Sugar team, this is the book that makes healthy family meals and one-pot wonders in a sugar-free lifestyle easier, more affordable and more delicious.

    Pages: 144
    Dimension: 275mm X 205mm
    Author: WILSON, SARAH
    Price: $24.99
  • Japanese Patisserie Exploring The Beautiful and Delicious Fusion of East Meets West
    Japanese Patisserie Exploring The Beautiful and Delicious Fusion of East Meets West
    ISBN: 9781849758109
    Publication date: 01/07/2017

    Stunning recipes for patisserie, desserts and savories with a contemporary Japanese twist. This elegant collection is aimed at the confident home-cook who has an interest in using ingredients such as yuzu, sesame, miso, and matcha.

    The concept of fusion in food can be magical—when cuisines and cultures collide, combining flavors, ingredients, and methods from around the world creates new classics, the best of which become staples in our everyday lives. Trends like Japanese Matcha in our lattes, Korean kimchi in our burgers and Thai Sriracha hot sauce on—well everything—prove that our love-in with Asian cuisine is thriving. Tokyo is now considered a food-forward city, currently boasting 15 three Michelin-starred restaurants (compared to France's 10). Over the past 20 years there has been a surge in celebrated French patisserie chefs moving to Japan to open fine patisseries. The art of French patisserie appeals very much to the Japanese culture—both share values of beauty, precision, and care within cooking. This book features 60 recipes, from reinvented classics to stunning Patisserie creations made achievable to the home-cook. The chapters will be broken into Small Cakes & Individual Patisserie, which will include Lemon & Yuzu Éclairs. Sweet Tarts will offer delights such as Miso Butterscotch Tarts and the Large Cakes & Gateaux section offers celebration cakes like a Matcha & Pistachio Opera. In the Desserts section find dinner party classics with Japanese twists such as White Sesame & Adzuki Cheesecake. The Cookies & Confectionery chapter is full of fun treats like Sesame Peanut Butter Cookies and a Green Tea chocolate candy bar. To finish, some mouth-watering savory recipes such as Panko Donuts stuffed with Pork Katsu. A flavor matrix will helpfully map key characteristics of Japanese ingredients.

    Pages: 176
    Dimension: 235mm X 190mm
    Price: $45.00
  • Lisbon Recipes from the Heart of Portugal
    Lisbon Recipes from the Heart of Portugal
    ISBN: 9781784881030
    Publication date: 01/07/2017

    Accessible and authentic recipes from the beautiful Portuguese capital. Full of history, great food, and bursting with character, Portugal's capital is one of Europe's most charming cities. In Lisbon, Rebecca Seal shares her favorite recipes, inspired by her travels. Set on seven hills, Lisbon features world-class beaches, city views, and wild forests. And the food is as diverse as the surroundings--there's so much more to it than just cod and custard tarts. Featuring over 80 accessible recipes based on traditional Portuguese cuisine, including Caldo Verde (kale soup), Ameijoas a Bulhao Pato (clams in white wine and garlic), and pesticos (Portuguese tapas). From the bars of Bairro Alto to the cafes in Chiado, there's something for everyone. All set to the stunning backdrop of eighteenth century buildings, ornate churches, nostalgic trams, and pastel-colored houses, Lisbon is a stunning cookbook

    Pages: 256
    Dimension: 254mm X 177mm
    Author: SEAL, REBECCA
    Price: $45.00
  • Lonely Planets Global Beer Tour A Guide to Beer Tasting at the Worlds Best Breweries
    Lonely Planets Global Beer Tour A Guide to Beer Tasting at the Worlds Best Breweries
    ISBN: 9781786577955
    Publication date: 01/05/2017

    Explore the vibrant world of craft beer with Lonely Planet. We've selected some of the finest tap rooms, bars and breweries that thirsty travellers can visit in 30 countries around the world. Discover how to find them, which beers to sample, and learn about local places of interest with our recommended itineraries. Each country is introduced by a beer expert and includes regional beverages that shouldn't be missed. There's a world of great beer to taste - go and discover it! So why go beer touring, especially when it's easy and cheap to find interesting craft beers in your local shop? For starters, craft beer doesn't travel too well and is affected by changes in temperature and long distances. Another is that, due to the explosion in small-scale breweries, many great beers aren't distributed outside of their city or region. Beer often tastes better the closer it is to home, especially if that's straight from a tap in a tank in the actual brewery. The craft beer revolution has seen waves of breweries open up to the public, not just in the United States, the UK and Australia, where the trend is well established, but all over the world. Visit European beer capitals like Belgium, Italy and Germany, and sample local favourites in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In Asia, explore hotspots in Japan, Vietnam and China, then venture to South America, Africa and the Middle East. Each brewery is accompanied by a selection of sightseeing ideas and activities, from local museums and galleries, to great hikes or bike rides. The book also features fun sections on beer trails, hangover cures and the world's wildest beers. There's also practical advice like how to ask for a beer in the local language and the ideal snacks to accompany your drink.

    Pages: 240
    Dimension: 210mm X 165mm
    Price: $29.99
  • Naturally Nourished Vibrant Meals that Come Together Quickly
    Naturally Nourished Vibrant Meals that Come Together Quickly
    ISBN: 9781911127352
    Publication date: 01/06/2017

    This is the follow-up to 2015's much-acclaimed My New Roots! Since then, one of the most common requests author Sarah Britton has received from fans was for wholesome, nutrient-rich, recipes that come together in a snap. Sarah delivers with a host of recipes that can be made with ingredients from the local grocery, not speciality stores. These 100 recipes will inspire you to cook every night! Sarah's back a second time with her signature bright photography and fantastic flavours. Britton shows how to streamline vegetarian cooking with chapters on mains, sides, soups, salads, and snacks (both sweet and savoury). Instructions feature easy cooking techniques that anyone can master, as well as icons for vegan and gluten-free options for quick reference.

    Pages: 256
    Dimension: 256mm X 191mm
    Author: BRITTON, SARAH
    Price: $39.99
  • New Way To Bake Classic Recipes Updated with Better-for-You Ingredients from the Modern Pantry
    New Way To Bake Classic Recipes Updated with Better-for-You Ingredients from the Modern Pantry
    ISBN: 9780307954718
    Publication date: 01/07/2017

    A must-have for every baker, with 130 recipes featuring bold new flavors and ingredients. Here is the go-to cookbook that definitively ushers the baking pantry beyond white flour and sugar to include natural sweeteners, whole-grain flours, and other better-for-you--and delicious--ingredients. The editors at Martha Stewart Living have explored the distinctive flavors and alluring textures of these healthful foods, and this book shares their very best results. A New Way to Bake has 130 foolproof recipes that showcase the many ways these newly accessible ingredients can transform traditional cookies, pies, cakes, breads, and more. Chocolate chip cookies gain greater depth with earthy farro flour, pancakes become protein powerhouses when made with quinoa, and lemon squares get a wonderfully crumbly crust and subtle nutty flavor thanks to coconut oil. Superfoods are right at home in these baked goods; granola has a dose of crunchy chia seeds, and gluten-free brownies have an extra chocolaty punch from cocoa nibs. With a DIY section for making your own nut butter, yogurt, coconut milk, and other basics, and more than 150 photographs, including step-by-step how-to images, A New Way to Bake is the next-generation home-baking bible.

    Pages: 320
    Dimension: 232mm X 187mm
    Price: $44.99
  • Nopalito A Mexican Kitchen
    Nopalito A Mexican Kitchen
    ISBN: 9780399578281
    Publication date: 17/07/2017

    A collection of 100 recipes for regional Mexican food from the popular San Francisco restaurant.

    The true spirit, roots, and flavors of regional Mexican cooking—from Puebla, Mexico City, Michoacán, the Yucatán, and beyond--come alive in this cookbook from Gonzalo Guzman, head chef at San Francisco restaurant Nopalito. Inspired by food straight from the sea and the land, Guzman transforms simple ingredients, such as masa and chiles, into bright and flavor-packed dishes.

    The book includes fundamental techniques of Mexican cuisine, insights into Mexican food and culture, and favorite recipes from Nopalito such as Crispy Red Quesadillas with Braised Pork and Pork Rinds; Toasted Corn with Crema, Ground Chile, and Queso Fresco; Tamales with Red Spiced Sunflower Seed Mole; and Salsa-Dipped Griddled Chorizo and Potato Sandwiches. Capped off by recipes for cocktails, aqua frescas, paletas, churros, and flan—Nopalito is your gateway to Mexico by way of California. This is a cookbook to be read, savored, and cooked from every night.

    Pages: 256
    Price: $49.99
  • Raw and Rare Fabulous Raw and Cured Dishes From Sashimi and Ceviche to Carpaccio and Tartare
    Raw and Rare Fabulous Raw and Cured Dishes From Sashimi and Ceviche to Carpaccio and Tartare
    ISBN: 9781910254158
    Publication date: 01/07/2017

    In recent years there has been a global explosion of culinary interest in the age-old traditions of eating raw fish, seafood and meat. Suddenly, it seems, sashimi, ceviche, tartare and carpaccio have become the inspiration and focus for young chefs around the world. This book gives you all these recipes, plus many more modern fusion dishes, so you can create globally inspired raw food in your own kitchen.

    This book has a wealth of ideas for preparing and presenting raw fish, meat, vegetables and fruits, but also provides variations if you prefer them lightly cooked, whether fleetingly applying the searing heat of a griddle, the flame of a blow torch, a waft of hot or cold smoke, a surge of bubbling stock, or a brief encounter with a pickling potion, merely to seal the succulence within.

    Raw and Rare is raw gastronomy for the home cook, inspired by simple age-old culinary traditions. It provides in-depth ideas on how to use healthy, seasonal raw fruit, vegetables and salads as well as fish, seafood and meat to prepare fresh, highly nutritious, top-quality and stunningly presented dishes.

    Pages: 176
    Price: $39.99
  • Simple Every Day Easy Meals and Time-Saving Tips for Every Night of the Week
    Simple Every Day Easy Meals and Time-Saving Tips for Every Night of the Week
    ISBN: 9781743548431
    Publication date: 01/07/2017

    Time seems to be the missing ingredient in many kitchens these days, no matter how many people you're cooking for. As a popular cookbook author, food writer and cooking show host, Justine Schofield hears the same questions from her readers and viewers time and time again: How do I get dinner on the table quickly and easily without sacrificing flavour? What can I do on the weekend to streamline my cooking for the week ahead? Simple Every Day is designed to make life easier in the kitchen, giving you more time to enjoy both the preparation and the delicious results. There are quick and tasty mid-week dinners, such as easy ramen, mozzarella-stuffed meatballs and lamb skewers with watermelon tabbouleh; Sunday slow cooks to batch up for the week ahead, such as eggplant parmigiana and the ultimate pea and ham soup; and easy bakes for breakfasts and lunch boxes, including peanut butter spiced granola, broccoli pesto scrolls and carrot cake slice. And, of course, everyone needs a few simple dessert recipes on standby, such as fruit in sticky red wine syrup or dark chocolate brûlée. Start making the food you want to eat, and having fun while you do it! Keep it simple; keep it every day.

    Pages: 224
    Dimension: 262mm X 206mm
    Price: $34.99
  • So Good 18 The Magazine of Haute Patisserie
    So Good 18 The Magazine of Haute Patisserie
    Publication date: 15/07/2017

    Dinara Kasko, Simply amazing
    Lauren v. Hass, A critical approach
    Lior Shtaygman, A close look
    Frédéric Bau, Imagining the future
    Cédric Grolet, Lemon, apple, hazelnut, and almond
    Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch & Mateu Casañas, New techniques without borders
    Christophe Roesems, Defending a character
    David Gil, Ice cream beyond itself
    Leonardo di Carlo, In full maturity
    Gabriele Riva, Mochi Gelato: When Japan and Italy met in a dessert
    Andrés Morán, Healthy yet good
    Jordi Puigvert, The multiple paths of technique
    John Shields & Karen Urie Shields, It Takes Two
    Susanna Yoon, Stick with her
    Emmanuel Hamon, Appreciating pâtissier globalization
    Elena Krasnova, Paris is in my hands
    Antonio Bachour and Karina Rivera, New Bistro Spirit Plated Desserts
    Nobuhiro Koto, A plate of Karuizawa
    Franck Michel, Classic and contemporary
    Fredrik Borgskog, The architecture of nature
    Fabrizio Fiorani, The incalculable value of superfluous
    Vincent Attali, Mediterranean, technological, free
    Elaine young, Accompanying the Indian pastry awakening

    Pages: 304
    Dimension: 297mm X 230mm
    Author: SO GOOD
    Price: $49.99
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