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  • Chicken and Other Birds

    Chicken and Other Birds
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    ISBN: 9781909342507
    Publication date: 26/08/2015

    In these more ethically aware and health-conscious of times, good poultry is often the best way to go. In this tantalizing collection, Paul Gayler dedicates over 100 mouthwatering recipes to birds of all sizes - from the chicken we eat every day to the turkey we eat once a year, and the guinea fowl or quail that we have yet to experience on our culinary journeys. Discover the best methods for cooking each bird, and master the techniques that will take your dishes to the next level. With recipes to suit every lifestyle, all accompanied by stunning photographs, this book demonstrates just how versatile poultry can truly be. Be amazed by the extraordinary nature of these most ordinary of meats.

    Pages: 224
    • Price: $49.99
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