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  • 101 Meatballs and other Deliciously Spherical Recipes for Meat Fish and Vegetables
    101 Meatballs and other Deliciously Spherical Recipes for Meat Fish and Vegetables
    ISBN: 9781849757744
    Publication date: 01/11/2016

    Who doesn’t love meatballs? They are the mouth-watering dish with endless incarnations around the world. This ultimate collection honours them all, from classically meaty to fish and vegetarian variations, fancy and teeny tiny to giant and rustic.

    They are the comforting meal so well-loved that each country has their own speciality and each family has a favorite recipe, often handed down through generations, whether an Italian Nona who made the best polpette or a Spanish Abuela who possessed the secret recipe for outstanding albondigas. Choose them broiled, fried, baked, braised, or steamed, they are always supremely tasty, and, luckily for cooks, nearly impossible to get wrong!

    101 Meatballs includes traditional favorites from around the world, organized into Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Fish, and Vegetable. Indeed, the word "meatball" is an ever-evolving concept. The defining feature need not be the nature of the "meat", but the way that a creative blend of spices and herbs can be combined and rolled together to create a perfectly textured mouthful bursting with flavor. This book certainly takes things one step further than bog-standard balls. Try the Crispy Duck Bon Bon, the Christmas Turkey Meatball or the Paleo Sweet Potato Kale Ball.

    The mother of versatile eke-out foods, meatballs can be plumped and improved with breadcrumbs, minced onion, eggs, cheese and many other components to make a little bit go a long way. No matter which side dish you happen to fancy, you can guarantee there will be a ball to suit it. Be it a packet of spaghetti and a spicy tomato sauce, mash and copious amounts of gravy, or a fresh and aromatic oriental soup. However you take your meatballs, you’ll find the perfect recipe here.

    Pages: 144
    Dimension: 190mm X 190mm
    Author: MISC
    Price: $34.99
  • Ad Hoc At Home  Family-style Recipes (Thomas Keller)
    Ad Hoc At Home Family-style Recipes (Thomas Keller)
    ISBN: 9781579653774
    Publication date: 01/11/2009

    Celebrated chef, Thomas Keller turns his talent to family, home-style cookery, as inspired by his restaurants Ad Floc.
    Keller showcases dishes that can be made every day (and not just for special occasions). Invaluable lessons, secrets, tips
    and tricks – as well as charming personal anecdotes – accompany recipes for such classics as the best fried chicken, beef Stroganoff, roasted spring leg of lamb, hamburger, the crispiest fried fish, chicken soup with dumplings, potato hash
    with bacon and melted onions, and superlative grilled cheese sandwiches, apple fritters, buttermilk biscuits, relishes and pickles, cherry pie – 200 recipes in all. Both of Thomas’s restaurants, Per Se and The French Laundry, were awarded
    three Michelin stars in 2005 and 2006, respectively.
    Other titles: The French Laundry hb $110.00, Bouchon hb $110.00, Under Pressure hb $110.00

    Pages: 368
    Dimension: 279mm X 279mm
    Author: KELLER, THOMAS
    Price: $99.99
  • All About Roasting A New Approach to a Classic Art
    All About Roasting A New Approach to a Classic Art
    ISBN: 9780393065268
    Publication date: 01/12/2011

    Successful restaurateurs have always known that adding "roasted" to a dish guarantees immediate appeal. Molly Stevens brings her trademark thoroughness and eye for detail to the technique of roasting. She breaks down when to use high heat, moderate heat, or low heat to produce juicy, well-seared meats, caramelized drippings, and concentrated flavors. Her 150 recipes feature the full range of dishes from beef, lamb, pork, and poultry to seafood and vegetables. Showstoppers include porchetta ingeniously made with a loin of pork, a roast goose with potato-sage stuffing, and a one-hour beef rib roast-dishes we've dreamed of making, and that Molly makes possible with her precise and encouraging instructions. Other recipes such as a Sunday supper roast chicken, herb-roasted shrimp, and blasted broccoli make this an indispensable book for home cooks and chefs. All About Roasting is like having the best teacher in America in the kitchen with you.

    Pages: 592
    Author: STEVENS, MOLLY
    Price: $49.99
    ISBN: 9780563487852

    Contains beef recipes with 100 recipes - from soups and starters to winter dishes and meals for special occasions. This work has 30 colour photos and 12 colour shots of beef cuts. It demonstrates the versatility of beef. Each recipe makes use of readily available ingredients. It is useful for both first-timers and experienced chefs.

    Price: $10.00
  • Bacon Cookbook
    Bacon Cookbook
    ISBN: 9780470042823
    Publication date: 14/09/2007

    James Villas was the food and wine editor of Town Country magazine for twenty-seven years. His work has also appeared in Esquire, Food Wine, Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Saveur, the New York Times, and the Atlantic Monthly, among other publications. Two of his cookbooks have been nominated for a James Beard Award, he has won two James Beard Awards for journalism, and he received Bon Appetit's Food Writer of the Year Award in 2004. Villas is the author of more than a dozen cookbooks and books on food, including My Mother's Southern Kitchen, Crazy for Casseroles, Between Bites, Stalking the Green Fairy, and, most recently, The Glory of Southern Cooking.

    Author: VILLAS, JAMES
    Price: $42.99
  • Bacon Nation 125 Smoky Salty Crispy Meaty Irresistible Recipes
    Bacon Nation 125 Smoky Salty Crispy Meaty Irresistible Recipes
    ISBN: 9780761165828
    Publication date: 01/07/2013

    Includes recipes such as Crispy Polenta Bites with Sun-Dried Tomato Spread, Onion Soup with Bacon and Baguette Croutons, French Toast Bread Pudding with Bacon and Cinnamon, Pork Roast with Bacon, Fennel, and Black Mission Figs, Crusted Salmon with Avocado and Red Onion Salad, and Velvety Chicken Topped with Rosemary-Bacon Biscuits.

    Pages: 352
    Price: $32.99
  • Baconish Sultry and Smoky Plant-Based Recipes from BLTs to Bacon Mac and Cheese
    Baconish Sultry and Smoky Plant-Based Recipes from BLTs to Bacon Mac and Cheese
    ISBN: 9781941252246
    Publication date: 01/07/2016

    Everything tastes better with bacon. Even if you are avoiding animal products, you can still enjoy the salty,smoky,crispy yum of bacon in your cooking. It's all in the seasonings, and these easy-to-make recipes are loaded with decadently delicious bacony flavor. Not only that, but these tasty plant-based bacon recipes are low in fat and cholesterol-free.
    Using several basic bacon recipes made wtih ingredients such as tofu, tempeh, eggplant, eggplant, coconut, and mushrooms, the book features fresh takes on many traditional recipes that normally call for bacon. With your plant-based bacons you will make everything from Quiche Lorraine and Bacon and Butternut Galette to BLT's, Bacon Cheeseburgers, and much more.
    The recipes are easy to make using readily available ingredients and versatile, too, allowing readers to use the various bacons interchangeably, whenever that salty, smoky, crispy craving strikes. These healthy, animal-friendly recipes are so flavorful, they will satisfy even the most hardcore bacon-fiend. The book also includes gorgeous photography, helpful hints, and much more.

    Pages: 168
    Dimension: 229mm X 191mm
    Price: $39.99
  • Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game
    Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game
    ISBN: 9780882663913

    Covers Beef, Veal, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Rabbit and Venison

    Pages: 208
    Author: METTLER, JOHN
    Price: $24.99
  • Beef Club From High-Brow Burgers to Experimental Cocktails
    Beef Club From High-Brow Burgers to Experimental Cocktails
    ISBN: 9781742708034
    Publication date: 01/09/2014

    Bring the steakhouse to your very own kitchen with Beef Club. This is the book for those who love hearty meals full of flavour. Impress your guests with classic meatballs served with aubergine and tomato sauce; take your burgers to the next level with homemade relishes and delicious topping suggestions; and master the art of the perfect steak. Alongside traditional meat favourites are inspired seafood recipes and vegetable and side dishes such as pumpkin and mozzarella salad and steamed garlic spinach. The Brunch chapter will make sure your Saturday morning starts the right way ? indulge in honey and butter pancakes, pork sandwiches or Eggs Benedict. Not forgetting your sweet tooth, Beef Club offers delectable desserts such as profiteroles and strawberry tarts, and cocktails to die for. This is a cutting-edge compendium of recipes for those who love good food.

    Pages: 256
    Dimension: 264mm X 178mm
    Author: BONN, OLIVIER
    Price: $45.00
  • Bens Meat Bible
    Bens Meat Bible
    ISBN: 9781742709994
    Publication date: 01/11/2015

    Ben's Meat Bible builds on the success of his series of books for people who love unfussy, easy food that's fresh, seasonal and tastes great. Building on the success of Ben's BBQ Bible, this beautiful full-colour paperback includes 150 brand-new recipes, introducing cooks to O'Donoghue's spin on his favourite meat dishes from around the world. There are chapters on beef, poultry, lamb, charcuterie and even soups (and, of course, pork!). Barbecue lovers are once again well looked after, but there's more here for people who like to experiment with other cooking methods. Perfect for a couple, a family and a crowd, Ben's Meat Bible will take its place among the best books in this genre. "A bright and lively soft-cover offering for creative carnivores" - Tomas Barnes, Canberra Times "New recipes from around the world that'll give the most hardcore carnivore meats sweats" - Famous "Ben's Meat Bible takes you beyond the boring old 'meat and three veg'." - Label Magazine "Covers comfort-food classics like roast pork and Southern fried chicken, to international delights such as tonkotsu miso ramen and beef fajitas. Pick up your jaw off the floor" - The Weekend

    Pages: 320
    Author: O'DONOGHUE, BEN
    Price: $39.99
  • Beyond Nose to Tail  A Kind of British Cooking, Part II
    Beyond Nose to Tail A Kind of British Cooking, Part II
    ISBN: 9780747589143
    Publication date: 01/09/2007

    Fergus Henderson is revered throughout the world for his unpretentious and respectful approach to meat. As he says, 'it would be disingenuous to the animal not to make the most of the whole beast; there is a set of delights, textural and flavoursome, which lie beyond the fillet.'In this new collection of recipes, Fergus inspires with more carnivorous classics such as braised shoulder of lamb, pigeon pie, venison liver and pressed pig's ear, as well as extending his no-nonsense approach to the world of breads and sweets - sourdough loaves and lardy cakes, puddings such as chocolate baked Alaska, burnt sheep's milk yoghurt and goat's curd cheesecake, and delicious ice-creams including bay leaf and the famous Dr Henderson.Cooks worldwide will covet and cherish Beyond Nose to Tail

    Pages: 288
    Dimension: 198mm X 140mm
    Price: $35.00
    ISBN: 9781904573715

    Blistering Barbecues: Burgers, Wraps & Kebabs is a perfect till-point book for the summer months (sister edition Blistering Barbecues: Sauces, Salsas & Marinades is being published simultaneously). These are brilliantly delicious recipes for great barbecue favourites. What the Blistering team do so well is transform the mundane into the extraordinary; they do so through an innovative use of flavours and combinations, put together with style and punch. This is party food at its best from a team who have catered for over 4,000 hungry guests and who know exactly how to satisfy each and every eager tastebud. Kate Weatherell and Nigel Tunnicliff are the authors of the bestselling barbecue book, Blistering Barbecues. Hailed on first publication as the definitive book on the subject of cooking outdoors, the book proved to be a hit both at home and abroad. Nigel Tunnicliff is the co-owner of the world-renowned barbecue and catering company, Blistering Barbecues. Kate Weatherell is an established cookery writer and author of Sugar & Spice. colour throughout

    Pages: 64
    Price: $24.99
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