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  • Petite Patisserie

    Petite Patisserie
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    ISBN: 9780847869152
    Publication date: 17/10/2020

    After several more technical books, Christophe Felder along with his longtime collaborator, Camille Lesecq, are back with a new volume that focuses upon the delightful small pastries that are one of the highlights of the art of French baking. Both children and adults adore these often bite-sized indulgences. Included here are all the fundamental recipes – the classics and the traditional favorites – along with original, inventive creations. Recipes include amandines, babas, biscuits, bostocks, creams, croquantes, croustillons, financiers, flans, madeleines, Alsatian manderlis, napolitains, petits fours, sablés, tartlets, and much more.

    The book opens with a section on 27 base recipes from which all others can be made including paté brisée, paté sucré, sablé breton, dacquoise, paté á choux, feuilletage rapide, crème pâtissière, etc. It is then divided into chapters of increasing complexity playfully named after the 7 days of the week with a final chapter on "funny" cakes – playfully decorated small cakes designed to delight children or for parties. Each recipe comes with precise preparation and cooking times, step-by-step decorating tips, and suggestions for vegan and gluten-free alternatives – this seemingly petite package contains a wide range of sweet and simple pleasures to delight big and small gourmets alike.

    Pages: 352
    Dimension: 249mm X 184mm
    • Price: $90.00
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