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  • 100 Ways With Eggs Boiled Baked Fried Scrambled and More!
    100 Ways With Eggs Boiled Baked Fried Scrambled and More!
    ISBN: 9781849757737
    Publication date: 01/11/2016

    With everything from breakfast using hens' eggs, salads and hashes with duck eggs or miniature baked or coddled quails' eggs to egg-based desserts and fresh egg-white cocktails, you'll know exactly how to cook and serve eggs in 100 Ways with Eggs.

    Eggs form part of our daily diet, whether as the mainstay of breakfasts, in salads, boiled and chopped or as mayonnaise dressings, or hot lunches like the quiches and frittatas, baked for dinner with North African spices or transformed into an array of sweet treats, such as meringues, souffles, cakes and custards. With the rise in popularity of high-protein diets and the irresistible ooze of just-cooked egg yolk, there's no doubt about it; we love eggs!

    The collection begins with step-by-step instructions for preparing eggs in a variety of ways. You'll learn to boil, poach, fry, scramble, coddle and bake eggs here, as well as add a few classic skills for separating and whisking yolks and whites (including rescuing that pesky broken egg shell from your mixture!), for making basic and flavoured mayonnaises and preserving eggs in pickles or liquors.

    Once you've mastered the Basics, the recipes are then organized by type of dish. Breakfasts and Brunches include Ham and Egg Quesadillas, Vietnamese Omelette and Breakfast Muffins; while Appetizers offers small plates to share or serve as a first course, such as Scotch Eggs, Arugula Soup with Poached Egg and Truffle Oil, and Coddled Quails' Eggs. Main Courses has a whole host of egg dishes to delight from simple Egg and Chips and Corn Beef Hash to more adventurous Korean Bibimbap or Turkish Menemen. Desserts features everything from Baked Alaska and Eton Mess to Chocolate Souffle and Victoria Sponge; and things really get interesting with a few egg-white cocktails and protein smoothies thrown in for good measure. You'll feel spoilt for choice with this eclectic collection of recipes that make the most of eggs.

    Pages: 144
    Dimension: 235mm X 190mm
    Author: MISC
    Price: $34.99
  • 101 Meatballs and other Deliciously Spherical Recipes for Meat Fish and Vegetables
    101 Meatballs and other Deliciously Spherical Recipes for Meat Fish and Vegetables
    ISBN: 9781849757744
    Publication date: 01/11/2016

    Who doesn’t love meatballs? They are the mouth-watering dish with endless incarnations around the world. This ultimate collection honours them all, from classically meaty to fish and vegetarian variations, fancy and teeny tiny to giant and rustic.

    They are the comforting meal so well-loved that each country has their own speciality and each family has a favorite recipe, often handed down through generations, whether an Italian Nona who made the best polpette or a Spanish Abuela who possessed the secret recipe for outstanding albondigas. Choose them broiled, fried, baked, braised, or steamed, they are always supremely tasty, and, luckily for cooks, nearly impossible to get wrong!

    101 Meatballs includes traditional favorites from around the world, organized into Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Fish, and Vegetable. Indeed, the word "meatball" is an ever-evolving concept. The defining feature need not be the nature of the "meat", but the way that a creative blend of spices and herbs can be combined and rolled together to create a perfectly textured mouthful bursting with flavor. This book certainly takes things one step further than bog-standard balls. Try the Crispy Duck Bon Bon, the Christmas Turkey Meatball or the Paleo Sweet Potato Kale Ball.

    The mother of versatile eke-out foods, meatballs can be plumped and improved with breadcrumbs, minced onion, eggs, cheese and many other components to make a little bit go a long way. No matter which side dish you happen to fancy, you can guarantee there will be a ball to suit it. Be it a packet of spaghetti and a spicy tomato sauce, mash and copious amounts of gravy, or a fresh and aromatic oriental soup. However you take your meatballs, you’ll find the perfect recipe here.

    Pages: 144
    Dimension: 190mm X 190mm
    Author: MISC
    Price: $34.99
  • Appetites (Anthony Bourdain)
    Appetites (Anthony Bourdain)
    ISBN: 9781408883839
    Publication date: 26/10/2016

    Publication Date: Late October 2016
    Brash, wild, original and badass. This is Anthony Bourdain's interpretation of a normal cookbook.

    As a restaurant professional, Bourdain spent his life on the fringes of normality - he worked while normal people played, and played while normal people slept. Since then he has settled (kind of) into family life and is cooking for the people he loves rather than people who pay. These are the recipes he turns to when called in for pancake service at sleepover parties or when preparing a violence-free family dinner.

    Each and every word is informed by his years in the industry and a life dedicated to food. This is a man who has declared the club sandwich as America's Enemy and wants you to understand the principles of Bad Sandwich Theory. He has distilled his views on dessert to this: it should always be Stilton.

    Illustrated with photography that somehow manages to be both strangely beautiful and utterly grotesque, this cookbook - Bourdain's first in ten years - is a home-cooking, home-entertaining cookbook like no other.

    Pages: 320
    Dimension: 205mm X 255mm
    Price: $49.99
  • Around the World in 80 Dinners
    Around the World in 80 Dinners
    ISBN: 9780522869507
    Publication date: 30/10/2016

    This lushly illustrated book features 80 of the world's very best and most timeless dining destinations, plus hundreds of food experiences to savour in more than twenty countries. It is ripe with tips on how to snag a booking, best times to dine, destination and signature dishes, top tables, and inside knowledge that might save you a fortune or get you onto the chef's table.Around the World in 80 Dinners reveals what makes these standout restaurants courtesy of two very seasoned food travellers who share their impressive trip notes

    Dimension: 225mm X 170mm
    Price: $45.00
  • At Our Table 180+ Recipes and Entertaining Tips for Every Occasion (Delicious Magazine)
    At Our Table 180+ Recipes and Entertaining Tips for Every Occasion (Delicious Magazine)
    ISBN: 9780733335709
    Publication date: 01/11/2016

    The ultimate cookbook for anyone who loves cooking for friends and family as much as they appreciate beautiful packaging and design. AT OUR TABLE is the brand new cookbook from the award-winning team behind Australia's leading premium food lifestyle magazine delicious. and hugely successful website With gorgeous photography, stunning design and more than 100 impressive but effortless recipes, this hardcover book marks an elegant new direction for delicious. publishing. Each chapter offers a flexible menu, as well as brilliant ideas for drinks matching and expert advice for setting the scene - including styling the table, colour palette inspiration, flowers, lighting and downloadable party invitations. From an elegant simple approach to pulling out all the stops, AT OUR TABLE will inspire budding and experienced cooks alike. With food for every occasion, from relaxed Sunday brunch to the ultimate birthday party, a winter fireside feast, showstopping dinner parties and beachside long weekends, this is a cookbook for anyone who loves fabulous food and great company.

    Pages: 320
    Dimension: 274mm X 244mm
    Price: $49.99
  • Breaking Breads A new World of Israeli Baking
    Breaking Breads A new World of Israeli Baking
    ISBN: 9781579656829
    Publication date: 01/11/2016

    Israeli baking encompasses the influences of so many regions—Morocco, Yemen, Germany and Georgia, to name afew—and master baker Uri Scheft seamlessly marries all of these in his incredible baked goods at his Breads Bakery in NewYork City and Lehamim Bakery in Tel Aviv. Nutella-filled babkas, potato and shakshuka focaccia and chocolate rugelachare pulled out of the ovens several times an hour for waiting crowds. In Breaking Breads, Scheft takes the combinedinfluences of his Scandinavian heritage, his European pastry training and his Israeli and New York City homes to providesweet and savoury baking recipes that cover European, Israeli and Middle Eastern favourites. Scheft sheds new light on classics like challah, babka and ciabatta—and provides his creative twists on them as well, showing how bakers can do thesame at home—and introduces his take on Middle Eastern daily breads like kubaneh and jachnun. The instructions aredetailed and the photos explanatory so that anyone can make Scheft’s Poppy Seed Hamantaschen, Cheese Bourekas andJerusalem Bagels, among other recipes. With several key dough recipes and hundreds of Israeli-, Middle Eastern-, EasternEuropean-, Scandinavian- and Mediterranean-influenced recipes, this is truly a global baking bible.

    Master baker Uri Scheft is the owner of Breads Bakery, which had an immediate cult following when it opened in New YorkCity’s Union Square in 2014. Scheft also owns Tel Aviv’s Lehamim Bakery, which has been open since 2001. Born in Israelto Danish parents, Scheft grew up in both Israel and Denmark and both of those influences—along with his training inEurope—show up in all that he bakes, including Scandinavian dark rye and marzipan-filled croissants and Jewish staples likechallah and babka. Scheft divides his time between Israel and the United States.

    Pages: 352
    Dimension: 267mm X 203mm
    Author: SCHEFT, URI
    Price: $75.00
  • Chiltern Firehouse
    Chiltern Firehouse
    ISBN: 9781848094659
    Publication date: 01/11/2016

    When the Chiltern Firehouse opened in 2013 it was an immediate success with the restaurant and chef Nuno Mendes’ menu at its heart. Lisbon-born, Mendes draws on influences from his career split between the United States and Europe to create contemporary recipes with an American accent. From the signature crab doughnuts to maple-glazed salmon and frozen apple panna cotta, Mendes delivers recipes of reimagined classics and bold new flavours.

    Chiltern Firehouse: The Cookbook brings together not just Nuno Mendes’ recipes; it also delves into the Firehouse’s love affair with cocktails and goes behind the scenes of the Chiltern Firehouse with exclusive photography and stunning design.

    ‘There is nowhere else in London, probably the world, where you ought to be’ Giles Coren, The Times

    'Nuno Mendes is a genius: forget everything else’ Zoe Williams, Telegraph

    ‘This is London's Best Restaurant. By any criterion you can think of it's one of the most enjoyable restaurant experiences we’ve had anywhere in the world’ Time Out London

    Pages: 320
    Dimension: 280mm X 216mm
    Price: $85.00
  • Classic Koffmann
    Classic Koffmann
    ISBN: 9781910254530
    Publication date: 01/11/2016

    Celebrating 50 years of Pierre Koffmann's stellar career as a chef, this beautifully photographed book captures the essence of Pierre's cooking.

    Divided into chapters that cover Entrees; Poultry, Meat and Game; Fish and Seafood; Side Dishes; Desserts; and Stocks, Sauces and Dressings, Classic Koffmann offers over 100 enticing recipes that span Pierre's entire career. Lovers of fine dining will be wowed by dishes such as Tourte de gibier aux champignons sauvages (Game pie with wild mushrooms), Gigot d'agneau, anchois, ail, et romarin (Leg of lamb with anchovies, garlic and rosemary), Pigeon sauvage avec haricots tarbais (Wild pigeon with Tarbes haricot beans), Sole grillee aux cepes (Pan-fried sole with cepes) and gateau Basque with plum compote and creme anglaise, not to mention the Koffmann classics - Joue de boeuf en daube grand-mere (Home-style braised beef cheek), Pieds de cochon Tante Claire (Pig's trotters Tante Claire style), Gigot d'agneau braise de 7 heures (Slow-braised leg of lamb), Ravioli d'escargots, jambon de Bayonne et crouton aille (Snail ravioli with Bayonne ham and a garlic crouton), and Souffle aux pistaces et sa glace (Pistachio souffle with pistachio ice cream). In addition to this array of mouthwatering dishes, Classic Koffmann also features unique reminiscences from many of the chefs Pierre has trained and who are now stars of the restaurant scene in their own right. David Loftus's stunning photographs do perfect justice to Pierre's cooking as well as to his inimitable style in the kitchen. Classic Koffmann will most certainly be the must-have cookery book of the season.

    Pages: 288
    Price: $59.99
  • Complete Gut Health Cookbook
    Complete Gut Health Cookbook
    ISBN: 9781743537169
    Publication date: 01/11/2016

    With more and more research pointing to gut health as a leading factor in overall wellbeing, the way we eat has never been more important. And it doesn't have to be difficult! Injecting some super-charged broths, tasty ferments and medicinal spices into your diet is such a simple way to put you and your family on the path to optimum gut health. Together with naturopath and nutritionist Helen Padarin, Pete Evans outlines everything you need to know about gut health - and how to improve yours. Featuring basic information on the digestion process, a six-fold path to getting your gut right, the star ingredients for gut health, healing herbs and spices to grow at home, a four-week meal plan and more than 100 delicious new recipes, this definitive guide is a must for every health-conscious cook.

    Pages: 344
    Author: EVANS, PETE
    Price: $39.99
  • Cooking for Jeffrey A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook
    Cooking for Jeffrey A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook
    ISBN: 9780307464897
    Publication date: 01/11/2016

    Beloved cookbook author Ina Garten shares 85 never-before-published recipes she makes for her husband, Jeffrey, that have kept their marriage strong for forty-six years and counting. Ina will tell you that one of her greatest joys in life is cooking for and sharing a meal with Jeffrey. While Ina spends her weekdays at home in East Hampton, working on new recipes for her long-running television show and bestselling cookbooks, Jeffrey is a professor at the Yale School of Management in Connecticut. One of the couple’s longstanding traditions is to sit down for a roast chicken dinner when Jeffrey returns home for the weekend. Here are Ina’s most personal recipes ever, the ones she and Jeffrey enjoy together and with family and close friends.

    Pages: 256
    Author: GARTEN, INA
    Price: $55.00
  • Cooking School Mastering Classic and Modern French Cuisine
    Cooking School Mastering Classic and Modern French Cuisine
    ISBN: 9780847849949
    Publication date: 01/11/2016

    Following the success of Alain Ducasse Nature and Alain Ducasse Cooking for Kids, this latest book shares Ducasse's signature focus on natural, healthy food and is an essential compendium of recipes and a wealth of insider knowledge from the master chef's celebrated Paris cooking school. This comprehensive in-depth approach will appeal to home cooks who buy cookbooks by Paul Bocuse, Eric Ripert and Daniel Boulud.This mouthwatering collection of classic and contemporary recipes from Alain Ducasse's acclaimed cooking school in Paris contains the master chef's secrets, tips and techniques to making fine, fresh food for friends and family.
    Alain Ducasse is one of the most renowned chefs of his generation. He is also a restaurant designer, hotelier, and teacher of the culinary arts. Over a thirty-year period, he has developed a unique savoir faire, which has helped define the contemporary art of living and eating. He is the first chef worldwide whose restaurants have been awarded three Michelin stars in two different cities.

    Pages: 656
    Dimension: 241mm X 187mm
    Author: DUCASSE, ALAIN
    Price: $95.00
  • Cooks Table 130 Recipes to Share with Family and Friends
    Cooks Table 130 Recipes to Share with Family and Friends
    ISBN: 9781921384455
    Publication date: 31/10/2016

    Publication Date: 31 October 2016
    These menus are intended to give pleasure to those who love to cook and love to share. I like to imagine that this book will lead to many wonderful parties around a table.' Stephanie Alexander If you love to bring family and friends together around your table, enjoy setting the table, cooking up a storm and anticipating the pleasure of good food and conversation, this new recipe book from much-loved Australian cookery icon Stephanie Alexander's will become a fast favourite. In The Cook's Table, Stephanie shares 25 of her favourite menus for entertaining family and friends, from special occasions such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day, to menus inspired by her travels in France, Italy, Turkey and Peru. This must-have guide to entertaining includes 130 new tried and tested recipes, all accompanied by beautiful images by photographer Mark Chew. With Stephanie's reassuring voice by your side, you need never think twice about inviting friends and family over for a meal. Simply choose a menu to suit your occasion or mood and send the invitations out, secure in the knowledge that all the planning has been done for you u every menu includes a shopping list and detailed timetable for the cook, along with Stephanie's trusty tips and tricks for hosting the perfect event.

    Pages: 536
    Price: $69.99
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