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    ISBN: 9781591864899
    Publication date: 01/11/2013

    Howard captures the rich flavors of 18 heirloom edibles in this artistically photographed book that highlights the splendor, heritage, flavor, benefits, and numerous varieties. Planting, growing, harvesting, and seed-saving information are also included.

    Pages: 256
    Author: HOWARD, DOREEN C
    Price: $34.99
  • How To Make Jams Pickles and Preserves (OPS)
    How To Make Jams Pickles and Preserves (OPS)
    ISBN: 9780716023845
    Publication date: 01/12/2014

    For the a novice this book provides the principles of successful jam making and for the more experienced jam maker there are recipes, not only for the usual fruit and vegetables but for more unusual combinations of flavours. The recipes in this book are reliable and have been formulated by much research and experimentation in the author's kitchen, and from recipes for proven value from skilled housewives over many years.

    Pages: 160
    Dimension: 200mm X 129mm
    Author: GRANGE,CYRIL
    Price: $19.99
  • Jam and Marmalade Bible
    Jam and Marmalade Bible
    ISBN: 9781616086060
    Publication date: 01/10/2012

    Featuring both classic and innovative recipes for every kind of jam, jelly, preserve, and marmalade imaginable, "The Jam and Marmalade Bible" is the only cookbook of its kind you'll ever need. Author Jan Hedh begins with a comprehensive section on the basics of how to make jams and marmalades, including history, techniques, equipment, and troubleshooting. From there he moves on to the detailed and delicious recipes, from classics like strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry to more exotic additions like kiwis and mangoes, and even some savory vegetable preserves, like pumpkin. There is also a chapter of pastry recipes and cheeses to pair with different jams and preserves. "The Jam and Marmalade Bible" is great for both beginning and expert jam-makers, and is lavishly illustrated with 200 color photographs.

    Pages: 240
    Price: $42.99
  • Jam Jelly and Relish
    Jam Jelly and Relish
    ISBN: 9781856269094
    Publication date: 01/07/2010

    Making your own jams and preserves allows you to be truly creative in the kitchen - why limit yourself to bland shop-bought products when you can impress your friends and family with Strawberry and Rose Petal Jam, Fiery Tomato Ketchup or Basil Vodka? Split into the four seasons, "Jam, Jelly & Relish" encourages you to make the most of fruit and vegetables throughout the year when they are at their best by storing away the bottles and jars for the later months. Each season is packed with mouthwatering recipes, which are accompanied by simple ideas for how to use your jams, jellies and preserves in innovative and delicious ways. For example, why not turn your Scottish Raspberry Jam into Cheat's Raspberry Ice Cream? With Ghillie's expert advice and over 110 delicious recipes to choose from, you'll have a cupboard full of 'convenience' foods, perfect for perking up last-minute suppers or transforming dinner party dishes.

    Author: ADAMS, GHILLIE
    Price: $35.00
  • Jam Makers Garden
    Jam Makers Garden
    ISBN: 9780711238145
    Publication date: 01/06/2017

    Everyone loves eating jam and now we have a good reason to grow the ingredients and create the jams, chutneys and cordials to share.

    Growing your own veg, fruit, herbs and flowers is second nature for many gardeners but this book shows how to preserve the best home grown ingredients in jams, chutneys, cordials and sauces for many months and even years to come. From planning the jam-maker's garden through to selecting the best varieties to grow; from sowing and planting to harvesting and foraging, and using tried and tested cooking methods to preserve the best flavour and quality, this book presents 50 recipes for the tastiest jams, chutneys and preserves that you'll savour for months.

    Pages: 176
    Dimension: 250mm X 185mm
    Author: FARRELL, HOLLY
    Price: $34.99
  • Jam Session
    Jam Session
    ISBN: 9780399579615
    Publication date: 01/06/2018

    Jam Session is the lushly photographed and selective guide to making all-natural fruit preserves, organized by type of fruit and seasonal availability, with descriptions of the best varieties for preserving plus master recipes and contemporary variations for each type of fruit. Former restaurant chef/owner, culinary historian, and master preserver Joyce Goldstein includes straightforward, no-fail instructions for canning fruit preserves, along with serving ideas for using preserves for much more than toast, including Mango-Lime Jam to elevate pork tenderloin, Pickled Peaches to perk up fried chicken, and Apricot Jam to glaze cake. Packed with ideas, 75 time-tested recipes, and gorgeous photographs of produce, process, and finished fruit preserves, preserving newcomers and veterans alike will find Goldstein's handbook just the right amount of instruction and inspiration.

    Pages: 264
    Price: $44.99
  • Jams and Jellies In Less Than 30 Minutes
    Jams and Jellies In Less Than 30 Minutes
    ISBN: 9781423618713
    Publication date: 01/06/2011

    For the cook who loves to serve something deliciously homemade but has little time to spare, Jams & Jellies in 30 Minute or Less is the answer - for parties, for holiday meals and for every day.

    Pages: 128
    Price: $24.99
  • Jelly with Bompas and Parr
    Jelly with Bompas and Parr
    ISBN: 9781862058798
    Publication date: 01/08/2010

    Jelly is wobbling back into fashion and Bompas & Parr are at the forefront of the revolution. Here they present the definitive book on the history and making of jelly - a fun, informative, visually stunning and entertaining package. The book begins with an overview of the incredible history of jelly, from Henry VIII's 'jelly hippocras' to the fantastic forms dreamed up by the Victorians. It then delves into the science of creating the perfect jelly, using the very best ingredients and unmoulding techniques. An array of delicious recipes finally ensure that you can enjoy everything from super-economical fruity delights to flights of the fantastic (everyone should try their hand at a glow-in-the-dark jelly at least once!). With cutting-edge design and photography, and an unparalleled insight into the subject, this is the book to make all your jelly dreams come true.

    Author: BOMPAS, SAM
    Price: $35.00
  • Joy of Jams Jellies and Other Sweet Preserves
    Joy of Jams Jellies and Other Sweet Preserves
    ISBN: 9781558324060
    Publication date: 01/05/2009

    It's summer in a jar! With the recipes and techniques in this comprehensive, clear-cut handbook, you can enjoy the sweet taste of the season's fruit all year round.

    225 classic and contemporary recipes showcasing the fabulous flavors of fresh fruits. It's summer in a jar! A jar of jam, writes Linda Ziedrich, is a memory brought back to life - a memory of summer's bounty and abundance. With the recipes and techniques in this comprehensive, clear-cut handbook, you can enjoy the sweet taste of the season's fruit all year round. Picture your pantry shelves lined with sparkling, colorful jars of jams, jellies, and other sweet preserves, and imagine the fun and satisfaction of creating these delicious, economical treats. You'll point with pride at your Caramel-Apple Jam, Concord Grape Jelly, Pear-Apricot-Orange Preserves, Strawberry-Kiwi Jam, Lemon Curd, Red Grapefruit Marmalade, Ginger Preserved in Syrup, Brandied Peaches with Vanilla, and much, much more!

    Pages: 384
    Price: $24.99
  • Joys of Jewish Preserving
    Joys of Jewish Preserving
    ISBN: 9781558328754
    Publication date: 01/06/2017

    Learn about one of the most vital subtopics in Jewish cooking: preserved foods

    Jewish cooks, even casual ones, are proud of the history of preserved foods in Jewish life, from the time of living in a desert two millennia ago to the era in which Jews lived in European ghettoes with no refrigeration during the last century. In a significant sense, the Jewish tradition of preserved foods is a symbol of the Jewish will to survive.

    About 35 of the 75 recipes in this book are for fruit jams and preserves, from Queen Esther's Apricot-Poppyseed Jam or Slow Cooker Peach Levkar to Quince Paste, Pear Butter, and Dried Fig, Apple, and Raisin Jam. About 30 are for pickles and other savory preserves, including Shakshuka, Pickled Carrots Two Ways, and Lacto-Fermented Kosher Dills. The remaining 10 recipes bear the tag "Use Your Preserves," and these cover some of the ways that preserves are used in holiday preparations, like Sephardic Date Charoset, Rugelach, or Hamantaschen. The book often highlights holiday cooking, because there are many Jewish readers who cook "Jewish food" only on holidays.

    Pages: 160
    Author: PASTER, EMILY
    Price: $29.99
  • Kombucha
    ISBN: 9781788790369
    Publication date: 01/10/2018

    Want a healthy gut? Then brew and drink your own naturally fermented kombucha—it’s packed full of probiotics and is thought to improve digestion and boost the immune system.

    Want a healthy gut? Then brew and drink your own naturally fermented kombucha—it is packed full of probiotics and is thought to improve digestion and boost the immune system.

    Louise Avery is one of London’s best-connected kombucha producers and the owner of LA Brewery. Here she reveals her tried-and-tested recipes that use the freshest produce to create truly delicious fermented teas.

    Starting with an explanation of exactly what kombucha is, Louise then offers information on the types of tea you can use to flavor your kombucha, the health benefits of drinking it, and the essential equipment you will need to brew your own.

    Next, she presents a step-by-step process for brewing kombucha, bottling and storing, and controlling the yeast. Recipes are then organized by type of base: Fruit, with recipes for Blood Orangeade, Pear and Ginger Tea; Vegetable, including Striped Candy Beets and Lime, and a Virgin Mary. Flower has ideas for Hibiscus Kombucha and a Hoppy Pale Ale, while Herb, Spice, and Tea is where things heat up with Lemongrass Tea and two Turmeric Immune Boosters as well as Jasmine Kombucha and a Lychee Basil Mojito.

    Pages: 128
    Author: AVERY, LOUISE
    Price: $24.99
  • Kombucha and Co
    Kombucha and Co
    ISBN: 9781760525583
    Publication date: 01/01/2020

    Kombucha and other fermented drinks are great for gut health, but they're expensive to buy and you can't be sure of the quality. But it's easy to make your own kombucha when you know how. Fermentation guru Felicity Evans has you covered with step-by-step instructions to make a range of 50 delicious flavours of gut-friendly probiotic drinks, including troubleshooting tips and inspiration for alcohol-free happy hour at home. From kombucha to kefir, ginger beer to honey mead, learn to confidently make your own fermented drinks and transform your health from within.

    Price: $29.99
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