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  • River Cottage Handbook Preserves No 2
    River Cottage Handbook Preserves No 2
    ISBN: 9780747595328
    Publication date: 01/10/2008

    Preserving is a centuries-old way to make the most out of every season, stretching the more bountiful months into the sparser ones - and what's more, it is fun, rewarding and easy to learn. Explaining the history, science and basic processes of preserving, Pam Corbin guides us through a world of jams, jellies, butters, curds, pickles, chutneys, cordials, liqueurs, vinegars and sauces that can be made from local produce throughout the year. She includes 75 recipes, covering everything from traditional favourites such as raspberry jam, lemon curd, quince cheese and sloe gin, to fresh new combinations such as apple butter, cucumber pickle, marrow rum, elderberry chutney and nettle pesto.The handbook includes seasonable tables, regional maps, flow charts of all the preserving processes and full-colour photographs throughout, and is completed by a directory of equipment and useful addresses. Textured hard cover and an introduction by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

    Pages: 256
    Dimension: 198mm X 129mm
    Author: CORBIN, PAM
    Price: $35.00
  • Roughwood Book of Pickling
    Roughwood Book of Pickling
    ISBN: 9780789336781
    Publication date: 01/01/2020

    Including Indian-style chutneys, Latin American ajís and salsas, and Japanese-style recipes alongside European and traditional Pennsylvania Dutch pickles – The Roughwood Book of Pickling offers creative and inspiring recipes for heirloom produce. Canning and preserving grows organically from the kitchen garden, greenmarket, and CSA movement, reflecting the growing priority to know exactly where our food comes from. Beginners and experts alike can learn from Weaver's accessible instructions, experienced voice, and global palate.

    Chapters are arranged for the cook into "Hot and Spicy," "Salty and Fermented," and "Sweet and Sour," with an additional section for versatile vinegar infusions.

    Pages: 208
    Dimension: 254mm X 204mm
    Price: $95.00
  • Sally Wise Complete Preserves
    Sally Wise Complete Preserves
    ISBN: 9780733334061
    Publication date: 01/09/2015

    Two bestselling preserving books in one kitchen-friendly package. Sally Wise's great passion is for making preserves out of the seasonal produce she grows and buys. Here, in two of her most popular books, A YEAR IN A BOTTLE and OUT OF THE BOTTLE, she shares some of her favourite recipes for turning fruit and vegetables into a dazzling variety of jellies, jams, pickles, chutneys, preserves, conserves and cordials. And she also provides recipes for the dishes in which preserves play an integral part - from stir-fries to roasts and curries, from savouries to sweets. As always, Sally's emphasis is on flavour, nutrition and ease of preparation. Once you've tasted these home-made goodies you'll never reach for mass-produced sauces or tinned fruit again.

    Pages: 496
    Author: WISE, SALLY
    Price: $29.99
  • Small Batch Pickles Cheese Chocolate Spirits and the Return of Artisanal Foods
    Small Batch Pickles Cheese Chocolate Spirits and the Return of Artisanal Foods
    ISBN: 9781442227347
    Publication date: 01/10/2014

    Small Batch details the history and changing social implication of artisanal foods, from the days of early American settlers to the present explosion of small-batch and artisanal food businesses. Interviewing over fifty artisanal producers, Cope details the influences, challenges, and evolving identity of these modern craft industries.
    Table of contents Acknowledgments 1 Artisanal Foods: From Here to There and Back Again 2 Pickles: Artisans, Craftsmen, and Hip Entrepreneurs 3 Cheese: The Power of the Post-Pastoral 4 Chocolate: The Localness of Exotics 5 Spirits: Looking to the Past to Create the Future 6 Defining the Movement, One Bite at a Time Notes Bibliography About the Author
    Small Batch is a fascinating investigation into the contemporary American artisan food revival. It situates this growing movement in broader historical and social contexts, and reflects on the question of what exactly makes a food artisanal.

    Pages: 244
    Author: COPE, SUZANNE
    Price: $61.00
  • Spicy Dehydrator Cookbook
    Spicy Dehydrator Cookbook
    ISBN: 9781624145025
    Publication date: 01/02/2018

    The perfect book for hot sauce enthusiasts, Michael Hultquist will share how to make your own spice blends from dehydrated chilies, as well as how to make hot sauce leathers and extra flavorful jerky. He will also teach you fresh, new ways to utilize a dehydrator--for delicious soups, hot sauces and meals in a jar. From Garlic-Habanero Hot Sauce to Easy Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, there is something for every palette, whether you’re in the mood for a mild aromatic flavor or a sauce so hot you’ll have to keep a glass of milk nearby. Other recipes include Chipotle-Bourbon Beef Jerky, Scorpion Chili Leather, Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Soup and Caribbean Mango Hot Sauce. This book will include 80 recipes and 80 photographs

    Pages: 192
    Dimension: 212mm X 219mm
    Price: $32.99
  • Traditionally Fermented Foods
    Traditionally Fermented Foods
    ISBN: 9781624143304
    Publication date: 01/06/2017

    Harnessing traditions from previous generations to preserve food is not only a passion for Shannon Stonger, but a way of life. Shannon walked away from a career in chemistry to raise her family. Shortly thereafter, her and her husband moved their family off the grid to discover a more simple, agrarian life. With only minimal solar-powered electricity, Shannon relies on practical food preservation techniques, such as fermentation, to provide nutritious food for her family while cutting food costs. In Traditionally Fermented Foods, Shannon shows readers how to preserve food using traditional fermentation techniques, often without refrigeration. An alternative to canning and freezing, traditionally fermented foods do not require modern technology to preserve. You can learn Shannon's authentic preservation technique, which she depends on daily to put food on the table, so you know they work. You can also learn how fermented foods work, how to make fermented foods and how to use fermented foods in recipes. This book contains over 80 recipes with corresponding photos

    Pages: 192
    Dimension: 228mm X 203mm
    Price: $34.99
  • Windfalls
    ISBN: 9780947214487
    Publication date: 01/05/2007

    If you want to make medlar jelly or quandong jam, chokko chutney or tamarillo sauce (or if you just want to give plain old plum jam a bit of a kick), this book shows you how. Beautifully designed, with delicate little drawings by Helen Semmler, this is a facsimile of the original printing, published in 1993, with some minor corrections in the text. If you want to make medlar jelly or quandong jam, chokko chutney or tamarillo sauce (or if you just want to give plain old plum jam a bit of a kick), Sue Ruchel shows you how - as well as revealing her methods for drying, crystallising, and...many other country kitchen secrets! You can use these recipes to stock the larder, or to make gifts for Christmas and birthdays, and 'thankyous' for neighbours, friends, and clients. Sue Ruchel finds such presents are invariably received with delicht - and they're so easy to do! First published in 1993 by Aird Books (imprint of Manna Trading)

    Pages: 152
    Dimension: 210mm X 154mm
    Author: RUCHEL, SUE
    Price: $19.99
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