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  • 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes
    100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes
    ISBN: 9781569757147

    From classic breads, cakes, and desserts to imaginative creations, this book includes recipes that eliminate the dairy and eggs without reducing the flavour. It features alternatives for favourites like cupcakes, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies, and offers treats such as lime coconut bars, blueberry streusel muffins, and rosemary focaccia.

    Author: HOLECHEK, KRIS
    Price: $26.99
  • 1000 Vegan Recipes
    1000 Vegan Recipes
    ISBN: 9780470085028
    Publication date: 01/11/2009

    Whether you're a new to vegan cooking, a long-time vegan, or someone who is just trying to eat meatless meals a few times a week, this is the book for you. You will have a lifetime of recipes and inspiration.

    Pages: 640
    Dimension: 231mm X 187mm
    Price: $39.99
  • 150 Best Vegan Muffin Recipes
    150 Best Vegan Muffin Recipes
    ISBN: 9780778802921

    150 easy to prepare vegan muffin recipes.

    Pages: 208
    Price: $22.99
  • 15-Minute Vegan Fast Modern Vegan Cooking
    15-Minute Vegan Fast Modern Vegan Cooking
    ISBN: 9781849499637
    Publication date: 01/03/2017

    Using ingredients that are available in supermarkets, the recipes are as easy as can be from shopping to cooking to serving.

    The book starts with Katy’s introduction to vegan cooking and cooking, with advice on the equipment you need to make your cooking go faster, plus essential storecupboard ingredients. In chapters covering Breakfast, Light Bites, Mains, Essentials and Sweet Stuff, Katy offers 100 straightforward recipes and tips about preparation, freezing and storing.

    Whether you’re already eating vegan or just want to try something new, nothing could be simpler and faster than 15-Minute Vegan.

    Pages: 160
    Dimension: 225mm X 175mm
    Author: BESKOW, KATY
    Price: $29.99
  • 350 Best Vegan Recipes
    350 Best Vegan Recipes
    ISBN: 9780778802945
    Publication date: 01/06/2012

    These tempting vegan options include a wide range of tantalizing meal ideas - from amazing appetizers and salads to hearty soups, incredibly satisfying main courses and decadent desserts. This outstanding cookbook contains so much more than just incredible vegan offerings - it also includes an introduction and/or primer on the vegan lifestyle, information on stocking a vegan pantry as well as kitchen tools and equipment. And what really sets this book apart from other vegan cookbooks is the "Vegan from Scratch" chapter which provides information on making everything from Homemade Tofu and Vegan Bouillon to Soy Cream Cheese and Smokey Maple Tofu Bacon Slices. These recipes really bring a wholly authentic vegan lifestyle into your home kitchen! Just a small sampling of the appealing and easy-to-prepare recipes: Chile Dusted Cornmeal Garbanzo Fries, Sopapillas; Cornmeal Pizza, Cilantro Black Bean Burger; Potato Gnocchi with Lemon-Garlic Sauce; Spinach & Pumpkin Curry, Blackened Corn Chowder; Blackberry Mint Sorbet, Chocolate Cherry Brownies. All these dishes are so easy to prepare yet so delicious that everyone who loves food - non-vegans and non-vegetarians included - will enjoy them.

    Pages: 408
    Author: ROUSSOU, DEB
    Price: $29.99
  • 5:2 Veggie and Vegan
    5:2 Veggie and Vegan
    ISBN: 9781409171263
    Publication date: 01/05/2017

    The 5:2 diet changes lives, by making weight loss simple and sustainable. Now vegetarians, vegans - and anyone wanting to increase their intake of fresh, healthy produce - can see fantastic results with 5:2 VEGGIE AND VEGAN, the new plan from bestselling author Kate Harrison. Eating more veggie food is great news for our bodies, our wellbeing and the planet, and this book includes more than 80 simple and delicious fasting day recipes that make cutting down on meat and animal products a pleasure. Kate - a veggie for nearly three decades - offers advice on a healthy, balanced diet, along with inspiring stories from 5:2 dieters, and great meal plans, with dishes from all around the world. This complete guide includes: How to start and maintain the 5:2 plan and achieve your weight loss and health goals. Delicious and quick calorie-counted vegetarian and vegan recipes: from satisfying brunches, flavour-filled soups, and fresh salads, to lunchbox specials and dinners you'll want to share. Easy to follow meal plans to make fast days stress-free. sustainable and exciting. Fuss-free, enjoyable, and packed full of the good stuff, these recipes make it easy to lose weight - for good.

    Pages: 224
    Author: HARRISON, KATE
    Price: $19.99
  • Afro-Vegan Farm-Fresh African Caribbean and Southern Food
    Afro-Vegan Farm-Fresh African Caribbean and Southern Food
    ISBN: 9781607745310
    Publication date: 01/04/2014

    African, Caribbean, and southern food are all known and loved as vibrant and flavor-packed cuisines. In Afro-Vegan, renowned chef and food justice activist Bryant Terry reworks and remixes the favorite staples, ingredients, and classic dishes of the African Diaspora to present wholly new, creative culinary combinations that will amaze vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. Blending these colorful cuisines results in delicious recipes like Smashed Potatoes, Peas, and Corn with Chile-Garlic Oil, a recipe inspired by the Kenyan dish "irio," and Cinnamon-Soaked Wheat Berry Salad with dried apricots, carrots, and almonds, which is based on a Moroccan tagine. Creamy Coconut-Cashew Soup with Okra, Corn, and Tomatoes pays homage to a popular Brazilian dish while incorporating classic Southern ingredients, and Crispy Teff and Grit Cakes with Eggplant, Tomatoes, and Peanuts combines the Ethiopian grain teff with stone-ground corn grits from the Deep South and North African "zalook" dip. There's perfect potluck fare, such as the simple, warming, and intensely flavored Collard Greens and Cabbage with Lots of Garlic, and the Caribbean-inspired Cocoa Spice Cake with Crystallized Ginger and Coconut-Chocolate Ganache, plus a refreshing Roselle-Rooibos Drink that will satisfy any sweet tooth. With more than 100 modern and delicious dishes that draw on Terry's personal memories as well as the history of food that has traveled from the African continent, "Afro-Vegan" takes you on an international food journey. Accompanying the recipes are Terry's insights about building community around food, along with suggested music tracks from around the world and book recommendations. For anyone interested in improving their well-being, "Afro-Vegan"'s groundbreaking recipes offer innovative, plant-based global cuisine that is fresh, healthy, and forges a new direction in vegan cooking.

    Pages: 256
    Author: TERRY, BRYANT
    Price: $39.99
  • Appetite for Reduction 125 Fast and Filling Low-Fat Vegan Recipes
    Appetite for Reduction 125 Fast and Filling Low-Fat Vegan Recipes
    ISBN: 9781600940491
    Publication date: 01/02/2011

    A weight-loss cookbook featuring 100 recipe - from Spinach Lasagna to Manhattan Glam Chowder - that are fewer than 400 calories per serving, low in fat and sugar, and high in fiber.

    Pages: 336
    Dimension: 229mm X 178mm
    Price: $29.99
  • AWW Vegan Kitchen 130+ Wholefood Recipes for A Plant Based Diet
    AWW Vegan Kitchen 130+ Wholefood Recipes for A Plant Based Diet
    ISBN: 9781742458519
    Publication date: 27/02/2017

    The vegan way of eating is nothing new. What is new, is how much more aware and accessible it is to not only eliminate meat from your diet, but also dairy and eggs. This new cookbook offers the long-time vegan and those just starting out, fresh recipe ideas using 'new' alternative ingredients readily available in most supermarkets. There are also recipes for making your own yoghurt, cheese, mayonnaise and ice-cream - all free of animal products.

    Pages: 288
    Author: AWW
    Price: $49.99
  • Babycakes Covers the Classics Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes From Donuts to Snickerdoodles
    Babycakes Covers the Classics Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes From Donuts to Snickerdoodles
    ISBN: 9781906650681
    Publication date: 01/01/2012

    Following on from her widely adored debut cookbook, Babycakes, Erin McKenna satisfies all of our food fantasies with fifty recipes of perennial favourites - all created without gluten, dairy, eggs or refined sugar.

    Pages: 112
    Dimension: 228mm X 177mm
    Author: MCKENNA, ERIN
    Price: $29.99
  • Babycakes Vegan (Mostly) Gluten-Free and (Mostly) Sugar- Free
    Babycakes Vegan (Mostly) Gluten-Free and (Mostly) Sugar- Free
    ISBN: 9781906650322
    Publication date: 01/12/2010

    Babycakes has been hailed as helping to propel the world of gluten-free and vegan baking into its rightful place alongside a stellar compendium of bakeries such as Magnolia in New York and Hummingbird in London. In this, her first book, Erin McKenna produces a delightful collection of stunning recipes which are guaranteed to attract not only the avid cake lover with dietary intolerances, but any sweet-toothed person that goes weak at the sight of frosting, cupcakes and cookies.

    Pages: 144
    Dimension: 236mm X 199mm
    Author: MCKENNA, ERIN
    Price: $29.99
  • Bake and Destroy Good Food for Bad Vegans
    Bake and Destroy Good Food for Bad Vegans
    ISBN: 9781624140020
    Publication date: 01/06/2014

    Offers a refreshing take on great vegan baking with award-winning flavours. The author's recipe list is different, maybe even shocking, but once the flavour combinations sink in, they are appealing, tempting and irresistible. For example the Bike Messenger Brownies are inspired by the espresso-infused chai latte these speed demons use to fuel up.

    Pages: 300
    Dimension: 230mm X 200mm
    Price: $32.99
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