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  • Falafel Forever

    Falafel Forever
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    ISBN: 9781849758161
    Publication date: 01/05/2017

    The ultimate in light fast food, Middle Eastern falafel have become a universally adored vegetarian comfortdish. Learn how to make best-ever falafel with tips and tricks and this creative collection of recipes.Falafel are an ancient Middle Eastern food originally made with broad beans or chickpeas, which arecrushed and mixed with herbs and spices and moulded into patties. They are then traditionally served inpitta bread pockets with salad and dips such as hummus, tzatziki or tahini sauce. The rest of the world havesince caught on to the delights of falafel, and chickpea patties have steadily been becoming the darlings ofvegans and vegetarians, picnic goers, festival food trucks and supermarket delis since the early 2000s. It’snot hard to see why: quick, easy and inexpensive for home-cooks to make, they also fall into that wondrousoverlapping category of being crave-worthy and satisfying (up there with chips and other such savourymorsels) as well as nutritious and fairly low in fat. What’s more, chickpeas are a brilliant source of proteinfor those who don’t eat meat. They are rich in fibre, as well as nutrients manganese and folate. But thehealth benefits don't stop with chickpeas – modern falafel are often made with added vegetables, nuts andseeds, lentils, or other grains and legumes, as are many in this book.In the Fried section try the Fennel & Lemon Scented Falafel or Juicy Brown Rice Faux-lafel. In the Bakedchapter find Crunchy Sesame Falafel or Falafel Croquettes. The Raw section offers snacks such as tastyMediterranean Seed Falafel, which are packed with good stuff, and very low fat. For something moresubstantial try curries, casseroles, burgers and salads in the Meals chapter. Lastly, whip up Sauces & Dipssuch as Spicy Avocado or Home-made Tahini Sauce in the to perfectly complement your patties.Thesavoury taste and filling texture of falafel means they are great in a wide range of dishes. Falafel Forever isfor the falafel-obsessed as well as people who are new to trying this delicious dish in all its various forms.

    Pages: 64
    Dimension: 190mm X 190mm
    Author: GULIN, DUNJA
    • Price: $24.99
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