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Homebrewing for Dummies


Homebrewing for Dummies

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ISBN: 9780470230626
Publication date: 14/03/2008

The latest on gluten-free, organic, and green brewing Make your own delicious lagers and ales Want to become your own brewmeister? This must-have guide gives you easy-to-follow instructions in everything from brewing and bottling tostoring, pouring, and kegging your own beer. You get the latest on required equipment and new brewing methods, as well as over 100 tried-and-true recipes. Plus, you'll see how to take part in homebrew competitions! Discover how to: Set up your home brewery Select ingredients and flavorings Brew basic beers, specialty beers, even cider and mead Evaluate your beer and troubleshoot problems Become an eco-friendly brewer

Pages: 432
Dimension: 234mm X 188mm
Author: NACHEL