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  • 1000Food and Art Styling Ideas
    1000Food and Art Styling Ideas
    ISBN: 9781592538591
    Publication date: 01/03/2014

    Whether you're a food photographer or a food lover, this book is sure to inspire you to create visually stunning dishes. "1,000 Food Art & Styling Ideas "beautifully showcases 1,000 of the best food art presentations from around the world. From Italy to China to the United States, the photos highlight the best food art presentations each country has to offer, submitted by professional photographers, food stylists, chefs, and food bloggers. The succulent images will make your mouth water and inspire your next photo shoot--whether it's a basic plate of pasta or a table full of pastries and parfaits. You'll learn new techniques for staging your food to make it an out-of-world experience for your guests. This is a visual showcase designed to provide endless inspiration for anyone who loves food, styling, and photography.

    Pages: 320
    Author: BENDERSKY, ARI
    Price: $45.00
  • Banquet on a Budget Cooking for Weddings Birthdays and Other Big Parties
    Banquet on a Budget Cooking for Weddings Birthdays and Other Big Parties
    ISBN: 9781472136589
    Publication date: 01/07/2016

    Catering for any large scale celebration can be daunting. Where will you hold the event? How much food will you need? When should you start the preparation? This book passes on the secrets of the trade to ensure that the preparation goes smoothly and that the food is just as good as the professionals can offer.
    It includes a master checklist for the preparations with general advice on choosing the food and drinks, buying in ready-made items, estimating quantities, hiring staff and equipment and other practical considerations. There are five complete menus and drinks suggestions for each type of event: a drinks party with canapes, a fork buffet, a finger buffet and a sit-down meal, with guests varying in number from twenty to sixty. Menus include full preparation plans and recipes. In total there are 120 plus recipes, some with variations.

    Pages: 272
    Author: RIDGWAY, JUDY
    Price: $22.99
  • Becoming a Chef
    Becoming a Chef
    ISBN: 9780471152095
    Publication date: 26/09/2003

    Becoming a Chef was the first book to put chefs? careers in the spotlight, using them to explore the path to success. New up-and-coming chefs will be interviewed, including Mario Batali for the first time.?The benefits of culinary programs will be explored, and the chapter titled ?Getting In? will give insight into the gruelling application and interview process. This book explores, through the voices of today?s leading chefs, how they discovered their passion for food, where - and why - they did (or did not) attend cooking school, how they developed as a cook, and more. Also features 50 favourite recipes from America?s leading chefs.

    Pages: 400
    Dimension: 232mm X 191mm
    Author: DORNENBURG
    Price: $46.99
  • Chefs Companion
    Chefs Companion
    ISBN: 9780471398424
    Publication date: 21/04/2003

    Price: $38.99
  • Cooking For Crowds
    Cooking For Crowds
    ISBN: 9780691160368
    Publication date: 01/11/2013

    When Cooking for Crowds was first published in 1974, home cooks in America were just waking up to the great foods the rest of the world was eating, from pesto and curries to Ukrainian pork and baklava. Now Merry White's indispensable classic is back in print for a new generation of readers to savor, and her international recipes are as crowd-pleasing as ever - whether you are hosting a large party numbering in the dozens, or a more intimate gathering of family and friends. In this delightful cookbook, White shares all the ingenious tricks she learned as a young Harvard graduate student earning her way through school as a caterer to European scholars, heads of state, and cosmopolitans like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. With the help of her friend Julia Child, the cook just down the block in Cambridge, White surmounted unforeseen obstacles and epic-sized crises in the kitchen, along the way developing the surefire strategies described here. All of these recipes can be prepared in your kitchen using ordinary pots, pans, and utensils. For each tantalizing recipe, White gives portions for serving groups of six, twelve, twenty, and fifty. Featuring a lively new introduction by White and Edward Koren's charming illustrations, Cooking for Crowds offers simple, step-by-step instructions for easy cooking and entertaining on a grand scale - from hors d'oeuvres to desserts.

    Pages: 208
    Author: WHITE, MERRY E
    Price: $56.99
  • Cooking for Crowds For Dummies
    Cooking for Crowds For Dummies
    ISBN: 9780764584695
    Publication date: 01/05/2005

    Dawn Simmons is a professional caterer and teaches online catering courses. Curt Simmons is the author of more than 50 books, including iPhoto For Dummies.

    Author: SIMMONS
    Price: $30.99
  • Cooking for Fifty
    Cooking for Fifty
    ISBN: 9780471570158
    Publication date: 19/04/1993

    A sourcebook of 300 contemporary, healthful recipes and references that balances common sense with uncommon ideas. Includes nutrient breakdowns for all recipes, alternative instructions for microwave, food processors and other time-saving equipment as well as realistic food costs for a wide range of operations and budgets. The reference section contains a brief course on cooking techniques, conversion charts, equipment capacities, cooking times, recipe reduction and expansion tables and both U.S. and metric measurements.

    Pages: 600
    Dimension: 259mm X 210mm
    Author: HOLDEN, CHET
    Price: $159.95
  • Cooking Sous Vide
    Cooking Sous Vide
    ISBN: 9781465453495
    Publication date: 01/01/2017

    Sous Vide (which is French for "under vacuum") is the process of cooking foods, like meats and vegetables, in sealed bags submerged in a water bath that is maintained at a constant temperature. The result is food that is cooked nearly perfectly because of precise temperature control that virtually eliminates the possibility of over-or under-cooking food. The slow, controlled method of sous vide results in meats and vegetables that have a much more delicate texture than if being cooked at high temperatures.

    Cooking Sous Vide covers the basics of how sous vide works, buying the right equipment, how to season sous vide foods, and how to cook sous vide safely, while achieving optimum results. Over 70 recipes, with beautiful color photography, are featured throughout.

    Pages: 192
    Price: $35.00
    ISBN: 9780646544915
    Publication date: 01/04/2011

    Sous chef to home cooks and lover to foodies, The Cook's Toolkit is the ultimate cook's diary and planner.
    Complementing the cooks library of recipe and reference books, The Cook's Toolkit is a suite of tools cooks use to create their own compendium. Not a cookbook but the cooks book, The Cooks Toolkit is the first fully comprehensive cooks compendium.
    Ring Binder/Dividers/Information

    Price: $50.00
  • Culinary Artistry
    Culinary Artistry
    ISBN: 9780471287858
    Publication date: 21/10/1996

    Bestselling authors Page and Dornenburg reveal the artistic 'genius' of the chef and in doing so celebrate the complexity and subtlety of their creations. In this salute to the American chef, you are inspired by such renowned personalities as Mark Miller, Julia Child, Richard Olney and Wolfgang Puck. Both authors and chefs discuss techniques for flavour enhancement, the development of new dishes and the principles behind their menus.

    Pages: 448
    Dimension: 232mm X 191mm
    Author: DORNENBURG
    Price: $46.99
    ISBN: 9780471287643

    Author: PAPPAS, MJ
    Price: $15.00
  • Essentials of Professional Cooking Second Edition
    Essentials of Professional Cooking Second Edition
    ISBN: 9781118998700
    Publication date: 01/03/2015

    Essentials of Professional Cooking, Second Edition, focuses on fundamental cooking procedures and techniques, functions of ingredients, and desired results to empower the reader with the keen understanding necessary to prepare virtually any dish to perfectionwithout relying solely on a recipe. Specially constructed to meet the on-the-job demands of food-service managers, the streamlined approach of Essentials of Professional Cooking, Second Edition, extends the benefits of this material to students and professionals in hospitality management and food-service management.

    Pages: 576
    Author: GISSLEN, WAYNE
    Price: $213.99
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