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  • Coco 10 World Leading Masters Choose 100 Contemporary Chefs
    Coco 10 World Leading Masters Choose 100 Contemporary Chefs
    ISBN: 9780714859576
    Publication date: 01/11/2010

    Coco is an exciting, unprecedented guide to the most exceptional talent in the international restaurant world. Following in the footsteps of Phaidon's successful 10x10 series featuring emerging young artists in different fields, such as contemporary art, architecture , photography, and graphic design, Coco presents 100 of the best emerging chefs from around the world selected by 10 superstar chefs: Ferran Adrià (Spain), Mario Batali (USA), Shannon Bennett (Australia), Alain Ducasse (France), Fergus Henderson (UK), Yoshihiro Murata (Japan), Gordon Ramsay (UK), René Redzepi (Denmark), Alice Waters (USA), and Jacky Yu (Hong Kong). The selected 100 chefs are creating the most innovative cuisine today. From Singapore to New York, Stockholm to Surrey, Hong Kong to Paris, these chefs are pushing their craft to new heights and are beginning to receive international attention for their cooking.

    Arranged alphabetically by chef, the book will present each chef over two spreads with a sample menu and signature recipes, original color photographs of the recipes and of the restaurant, the chef at work, and the chef's environment, including farmers' markets and favorite ingredients. The chef-curators present each of their selected chefs in the form of short insightful essays, and also discuss one specific dish that has had a particular significance throughout their life or career, accompanied by a recipe and photograph of the dish.

    Part cookbook, part guide to the world's best new restaurants, and part who's who of the international food scene, Coco showcases the cooking of today's best new chefs, as chosen by 10 international culinary stars.

    Author: VARIOUS
    Price: $39.99
  • Culture Trails
    Culture Trails
    ISBN: 9781786579683
    Publication date: 01/10/2017

    Hemingway's Cuba, jazz in New Orleans, the Italian Renaissance: whether it's art, music, literature or cinema, there's something for everyone in this follow-up to Wine Trails and Food Trails. We present ideas and itineraries for 52 weekends of culture heaven, packed with expert recommendations, maps and advice on how to get there and where to stay.

    We've searched the globe to find 52 cultural enclaves where the arts have had a profound, lasting impact and local culture is being protected and nurtured; where old customs hold true and new ones are being forged; and where the past is melding with the future in fascinating ways.

    Highlights include:

    Aboriginal art in Australia's Northern Territory
    On a classical high in Vienna
    Confronting Soviet ghosts in Bulgaria
    Exploring a Latin American literary legacy
    Myths and legends of old Hong Kong
    Discovering Havana's music scene
    Copenhagen's design and urban environment
    Oxford's storytellers
    Ancient religion of Ethiopia
    Finnish sauna culture
    Picasso on the Riviera
    Walking in the footsteps of Vikings
    Rajasthan's open-air art galleries
    Medici Florence
    Bob Marley reggae trail
    Taiwanese folklore reimagined
    Vintage Hollywood
    Deep South blues trail

    Pages: 304
    Dimension: 240mm X 185mm
    Price: $34.99
  • Eat in My KitchenTo Cook To Bake To Eat and To Treat
    Eat in My KitchenTo Cook To Bake To Eat and To Treat
    ISBN: 9783791382005
    Publication date: 01/10/2016

    Meike Peters's site, Eat In My Kitchen, captures the way people like to eat now: fresh, seasonal food with a variety of influences. It combines a northern European practical attitude, from the author's German roots, with a rustic Mediterranean-inspired palate, from her summers in Malta. This highly anticipated cookbook is comprised of 100 recipes that celebrate the seasons and are awash with color. Indulge in the Radicchio, Peach, and Roasted Shallot Salad with Blue Cheese; Parsnip and Sweet Potato Soup with Caramelized Plums; Pumpkin Gnocchi; mouthwatering sandwiches like the Pea Pesto and Bacon with Marjoram; and seafood and meat dishes that introduce tasty and unexpected elements. Meike Peters's famous baked treats include everything from pizza to bread pudding, and perfect cookies to sumptuous tarts. Also included are many of her fans' favorite recipes, including fennel potatoes, braised lamb shanks with kumquats, and a lime buttermilk cake. Six "Meet In Your Kitchen" features include recipes by and interviews with culinary stars Molly Yeh, Yossy Arefi, Malin Elmlid, the Hemsley sisters, and more.Followers of Meike Peters will be thrilled to have her exquisitely photographed recipes in print in one place, while those who aren't yet devotees will be won over by her unpretentious tone and contagious enthusiasm for simple, beautiful, and tasty food.

    Pages: 256
    Dimension: 255mm X 200mm
    Author: PETERS, MEIKE
    Price: $69.99
  • Eating With The Chefs
    Eating With The Chefs
    ISBN: 9780714865812
    Publication date: 01/03/2014

    Eating with the Chefs documents the daily meal shared by chefs and front-of-house staff at eighteen top restaurants including Noma, Le Chateaubriand and The French Laundry. Captured through exquisite photography by Per-Anders Jorgensen and easy-to-follow recipes Eating with Chefs provides a unique insight into the ordinary food behind the immaculate kitchen walls.

    Pages: 316
    Dimension: 275mm X 260mm
    Price: $75.00
  • Edible Atlas Around the World In Thirty-Nine Cuisines
    Edible Atlas Around the World In Thirty-Nine Cuisines
    ISBN: 9780857868558
    Publication date: 01/05/2014

    The Edible Atlas is a book for intrepid cooks. Mina Holland explores what and why people eat as they do across the world, demystifying the flavours, ingredients, techniques and dishes at the heart of thirty-nine different cuisines. With fully adaptable recipes to suit beginners and confident cooks alike, learn to recreate dishes from across the globe - from a South Indian Coconut Fish Curry to Scandinavian pickled cucumbers, from a spicy Levantine Muhammara to a Danish Dream Cake, from an unbeatable Spanish Tortilla de Patatas to the ultimate Caribbean Jerk Chicken.Weaving snippets of anecdote, history and literature in with recipes and words of wisdom from some of the world's most seasoned food experts - such as Yotam Ottolenghi, Jacob Kenedy, Jose Pizarro and Giorgio Locatelli - The Edible Atlas is as comfortable in the kitchen as it is at your bedside.

    Pages: 368
    Author: HOLLAND,MINA
    Price: $35.00
  • Empires of Food Feast Famine and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations
    Empires of Food Feast Famine and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations
    ISBN: 9780099534723
    Publication date: 01/07/2011

    For thousands of years we have grown, cooked and traded food, and over that time much has changed. Where once we subsisted on gritty, bland grains, we now enjoy culinary creations and epicurean delights made with vegetables from the New World, fish trawled from the deep sea, and flavoured with spices from the Orient. But how did we make that change from eating for survival to the innovations of modern cuisine? How has food helped to shape our culture? And what will happen when global warming and peak oil have their inevitable effect on agriculture? Empires of Food is an authoritative exploration of the innumerable ways that food has changed the course of history.

    Pages: 256
    Price: $19.99
  • Far Afield Rare Food Encounters from Around the World
    Far Afield Rare Food Encounters from Around the World
    ISBN: 9781607749202
    Publication date: 01/11/2016

    Food and travel writer Shane Mitchell and photographer James Fisher have traveled the world on assignment for food and travel publications such as Travel + Leisure and Saveur. Along the way, they have encountered the fascinating people who are keeping the world's oldest traditional foodways alive, such as sacred taro farmers in Hawaii who have never left the islands, fisherman on the Swahili coast, and Icelandic shepherds who still use the techniques of their Viking ancestors. Full of lush photography from far-flung locations all over the globe, Far Afield profiles these people, sharing their unique and captivating stories and recipes.

    Shane Mitchell is a Saveur contributing editor. Formerly, she was Travel + Leisure's special correspondent. Her writing has also appeared in Australian Gourmet Traveller, Afar, Bon AppUtit, Bitter Southerner, Departures, Serious Eats, and other publications. In 2010, she was awarded the IACP Bert Greene Culinary Writing prize. She kayaks on the St. Lawrence River and collects handmade knives wherever she travels. When not on the road, she lives in New York's Mohawk Valley.

    Pages: 304
    Price: $69.99
  • Food Lovers Guide to the World Experience the Great Global Cuisines
    Food Lovers Guide to the World Experience the Great Global Cuisines
    ISBN: 9781743603635
    Publication date: 01/09/2014

    The world is your oyster. Or hot dog. Or gozleme. Or camembert.
    When we travel, it's often love at first bite. Food Lover's Guide to the World presents a lifetime of eating experiences what will lead you from one end of the globe to the other. Take your tastebuds on a tour around the world and cook up your next great culinary adventure.
    Celebrity food-lover contributions
    Best places to find local dishes in cities great and small
    Cultural tips and how-to-eat etiquette
    Introductions by Mark Bittman and James Oseland
    More than 50 recipes to cook back home
    With rich photography and a comprehensive exploration of the world's great food traditions, this is the perfect gift for the adventurous foodie in your life.

    Pages: 324
    Dimension: 240mm X 185mm
    Price: $29.99
  • Food Trails Plan 52 Perfect Weekends in  Worlds Tastiest Destinations (Lonely Planet)
    Food Trails Plan 52 Perfect Weekends in Worlds Tastiest Destinations (Lonely Planet)
    ISBN: 9781786571304
    Publication date: 01/10/2016

    Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher For everyone who loves travel and trying the local delicacies, this beautifully illustrated hardback is the must-have handbook to a year's worth of perfect weekends around the world for food lovers. Featured trails include the an homage to Buenos Aires steak, cozy wintertime French Canadian cuisine, Puglia's distinctive dishes, and Parisian patisserie. Each trail is an itinerary, detailing when and where to indulge in the local specialties. There are 52 trails, each with gorgeous photography, a bespoke map, expert writing and practical details of how to get there and where to stay. This is the second in Lonely Planet's Perfect Weekends series, following the critically acclaimed Wine Trails. The 52 itineraries cover the whole globe. In the Americas we try seafood chowder in Maine; creole and cajun food in the Deep South; barbecue in Texas; and Hawaii's island food among other taste sensations. In Europe we discover the mouthwatering cuisines of Crete, Italy, Denmark, England, Spain, Germany, Iceland, Ireland and other countries. Prepare for spice in Asia as we go to India, Vietnam and Malaysia for street food; Japan for sushi and South Korea for barbecue. In Australia and New Zealand, experiences include the farm-to-table scene in Tasmania, Melbourne's melting pot of cuisines and seafood in Auckland. Wherever you are in the world, there will be trip Each itinerary features about a dozen stops, including food markets, must-visit restaurants and shops or opportunities to meet food makers or providers. Each is reviewed by Lonely Planet's authors who have visited the place. Practical details are provided so readers can make bookings and tailor their own trips. A section at the end of each itinerary suggests places to stay and lists events that take place during the year. Great photography adds visual appeal to every itinerary, each of which has an illustrated map, showing the route hungry travellers should take. For foodies looking for inspiration for their next weekend away, and ideas for new cuisines to taste and share, Food Trails will be the source of many happy faces and full stomachs!

    Pages: 320
    Dimension: 240mm X 185mm
    Price: $34.99
    ISBN: 9789087240561

    Author: POSTMA, AEMILY
    Price: $27.99
  • Great Grand and Famous Chefs and Their Signature Dishes
    Great Grand and Famous Chefs and Their Signature Dishes
    ISBN: 9780980466720
    Publication date: 01/10/2009

    Ever wondered which ingredients combined to create today’s superstar chefs? Did they learn to cook in their mothers’ kitchens? Collaborate with their contemporaries? Rebel against their mentors? Are they children of Escoffier? Do they stand in the shadow of the great Fernand Point? These questions and their answers are all part of the story told in this
    study of the development of haute cuisine and the rise of the chef-patron, from Marie-Antoine Careme (the first celebrity chef, known as ‘the king of chefs and the chef of kings’) to the superstar chefs of today such as Ferran Adria, Heston Blumenthal, Joel Robuchon, Thomas Keller, Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White and Australia’s own Tetsuya Wakuda. Includes 20 profiles including Paul Bocuse, Michel Guerard, Albert & Michel Roux, Alice Waters, Michel Bras, Anton Mossimann, Raymond Blanc, Daniel Boulud, Marco with recipes in chronological order. These biographical essays – detailing the background, development and influences o f each chef, as well as their contribution to cuisine – combines a complex portrait of the chef-patron: restaurateur, businessperson, artist, eccentric, self-promoter, bully, perfectionist, prodigy, rock star, upholder of tradition, genius, humble cook.

    Pages: 255
    Dimension: 240mm X 300mm
    Author: GUBLER, FRITZ
    Price: $49.99
  • Hip Hotels - Budget
    Hip Hotels - Budget
    ISBN: 9780500283028
    Publication date: 01/10/2001

    The fourth in the series, revealing that all the ingredients that make a "Hip Hotel" - fantasy, originality, style, location - are available at less than astronomical rates, if you know where to look: urban or remote, historic or post-industrial, Sunset Boulevard or the Australian outback.

    Author: YPMA, HERBERT
    Price: $37.95
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