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Soup Broth Bread


Soup Broth Bread

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ISBN: 9780241486290
Publication date: 01/02/2022

Every soup and bread recipe you'll ever need, from leading chef and bestselling cookery author, Rachel Allen

Whether as a starter or main dish, a quick fix or a leisurely indulgence, to nourish a cold or heal a broken heart, there is a soup for every occasion. With Rachel's expert guidance you can learn the classics and then expand your horizons, with delicious, heart-warming recipes you'll turn to time and time again.

Soup Broth Bread also features recipes for homemade breads, garnishes and stocks, and a wealth of tips on equipment, batch-cooking, freezing and presentation.

Just as every cook needs good soup in their repertoire, this book will be a must-have source of inspiration for every kitchen shelf.

Pages: 288
Dimension: 246mm X 178mm