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Voila Vegan


Voila Vegan

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ISBN: 9780593538654
Publication date: 01/08/2023

Plant-based sweets adored by even the most discerning pastry lovers, from an American patisserie in Paris

Since 2016, Amanda Bankert has been the surreptitious purveyor of vegan treats in the world's most butter-obsessed city- Paris. It started with donuts; Bankert, an American expat, brought the first artisanal versions of the stateside delicacy to France with her bakery, Boneshaker, in the 2nd arrondissement. Boneshaker then expanded from donuts, to brownies, to French desserts like macarons and profiteroles-all made without dairy or eggs-and the Parisians who devoured her wares didn't even notice.

Now, with over eighty-five entirely plant-based but still decadent recipes, Bankert shares the cakes, cookies, candies, and drinks that have fooled and enthralled her patrons, as well as delightful stories from her kitchen and travels. Using both American and French techniques, dig into secretly vegan breakfasts like Banana Tarte Tatin French Toast and Pumpkin Cake Donuts; g teaux de voyage (travel-friendly cakes) such as Signature Salted Caramel & Roasted Peanut Brownies; and classically French treats, including Crapes Suzette and Raspberry-Chocolate Macarons. Voil ! Vegan dessert is served.

Pages: 256